How to Leverage Upwork to Hire Quality Tech Talent

Matt Ventrella
Matt Ventrella
August 27, 2020
August 27, 2020
How to Leverage Upwork to Hire Quality Tech Talent

More than ever before, technology is a crucial factor in the success of a business. Digital transformation was already in full force, and the emergence of COVID-19 has only intensified this process by fundamentally disrupting the way business is done. As almost every industry pivots to meet this change, leaders are now relying on technical talent to reach their customers, build trust and engagement, measure results, and future-proof their business strategy.

As a result of this rapidly changing environment, quality tech talent is in high demand and quickly becoming scarce. In response to this urgent need, Upwork has recently released a bundle of new and enhanced capabilities for sourcing qualified technical talent and enabling agility as business priorities change—all while maintaining paramount security measures.

The hard-to-find talent found for you

Finding qualified technical talent through traditional channels is time-consuming and difficult. Twice as many managers found hiring more difficult in 2019 than in 2018, and it took more than 66 days on average to fill an open role. Upwork is filling these openings in a fraction of the time, thanks to a bench of talent with thousands of unique skills, ready to support your team. We’ve made it easier than ever to find trusted talent on Upwork.

New features designed to support this process include:

  • Upwork Expert-Vetted Talent, a collection of the top 1% talent on Upwork. When you receive a shortlist of top matches from this exclusive group, they’re not only hand-selected based on your needs, but they’re also proven by domain experts to possess the core competencies and skills that make them a strong fit. Only available to Business and Enterprise clients.
  • Specialized Recruiting, a quick and easy solution for busy hiring managers to find highly qualified remote tech talent. Specialized Recruiting is a new white-glove service from Upwork’s talent sourcing team, expediting the process of finding the right fit for your requirements.

Whether you’re looking for a front-end developer with React.js proficiency or an agency to reconfigure your cloud architecture, Upwork’s advanced matching technology, talent reviews, success scores, Expert-Vetted Talent, and Specialized Recruiting help you identify promising candidates quickly, so you can hire with confidence. 

Flexible to keep up with your changing business needs

Upwork provides the flexibility to prioritize urgent business needs while still executing on core technical work. From longer engagements to project-based assignments, you can choose the level of service you want, the size of projects, and the level of expertise required so that your account can quickly adapt when your needs change. 

  • Payroll improvements. With a reduced onboarding flow and detailed reporting, it’s now easier for you to onboard and payroll talent through Upwork when the scope of your work engagement changes, allowing you to concentrate on the work at hand instead of administrative and compliance headaches. 
  • BYOT improvements. We have further streamlined and improved our Bring Your Own Talent feature. BYOT centralizes your flexible talent workforce, allowing you to easily onboard your talent to the Upwork platform, while leveraging our collaboration, protected payments, and automated billing tools. 

Enterprise-approved security

Upwork is committed to keeping your team and its intellectual property secure. We go above and beyond industry standards to ensure our platform is safe and reliable, so whether you’re using Upwork for data migration or building new product capabilities, there are features and certifications in place to support Enterprise clients and those with enterprise-level needs.

  • Now ISO certified. Our newest certification comes in addition to our existing certifications for SOC 2 Type 2 and PCI DSS.

Thanks to our talent screening, best-in-class certifications, and safe and secure platform, companies with top security protocols trust Upwork for hiring in-demand tech talent.

In-demand tech talent, on demand

Whether you need end-to-end development, enhancements to existing software, or bug fixes and maintenance, Upwork has the independent professionals to support the urgent and highly skilled technical work happening across your company now.

Learn more and hire quality tech talent today.

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Matt Ventrella
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