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Python/Scripting & Automation | APIs Tools

I will automate almost any type of job and make it do all the work with one button click I will build tolls to connect/Integrate APIs through different platforms. I will write script to scrape data directly from websites into CSV, XML, JSON, Excel, SQL DB, etc. I will automate your Airtable task through the scripting block. I will create stunning dashboards/reports using Page designer block and Interface designer. I am within the top 10% of experts in: ◘ Scripting and Automation (Python, Javascript, Airtable, VBA-Excel) ◘ Web Scraping Script/Manual -(bs4. Selenium, Requests, Scrapy, API, etc.) ◘ Pulling/Connecting/Integrating API Data ◘ Airtable Scripting block, Interface, Page designer. ◘ AWS EC2, Lambda Function, RDS, S3 Bucket, API Gateway, SQL, etc ◘ Running/Scheduling script from server/Cron job/ VM. ◘ Google App Script (GAS) ◘ Microsoft Excel - (VBA, Macro, Formula, UserForms) ◘ Django, Pandas, etc ◘ A large amount of Data Organizing, Creating Reports/Dashboard ◘ Google Sheets ◘ Binance API Trading bot. ◘ Parsing PDF, HTML, XML, JSON, etc I have automated many processes so far & create value for my clients. My success is in delivering the Best Quality work. I have the ability to learn any process very quickly.
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  • Scripting
  • Selenium
  • Airtable
  • Scripts & Utilities
  • API
  • Bot Development

Get started working with Md Atikur quickly with these predefined projects.

Get started working with Md Atikur quickly with these predefined projects.

You will get Scripting and Automation solution (Python)

From $120
3 days delivery

You will get Airtable Automation Solution- Scripting block, Page Designer, Interface,etc

From $200
3 days delivery


Endorsements from past clients

"We hired Atikur to help automate multiple processes that were taking hundreds of human hours.. Within days, he had developed multiple applications for us that immediately worked and improved our workflow. We have continued to work with Atikur on multiple projects and plan to keep doing so. He is fast, smart, great communication, and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend him!!"

Valeria E. | Knowledge Manager - Data & Technology
Automation & Data Management Apr 2020


"I hired Atikur to do a custom job that turned out to be more complex than it appeared. Atikur overcame every challenge and did an amazing job, delivering much more than I originally requested (for which I voluntarily paid him more). I originally hired him to 1.) scrape the LinkedIn profile photos of my 2390 1st degree LinkedIn connections and save them by name AND 2.) create an Outlook macro/program that matches each photo to my existing Outlook contact and replaces the existing photo, if any. Not only did he achieve this, he also wrote a program that found and matched photos for the rest of my Outlook contacts who are on LinkedIn but to whom I am only 2nd or3rd degree connected on LInkedIn. Atikur completed all this work extremely quickly as well. I highly recommend his work!"

Sarah S. | Career Consultant and Executive Coach
Web Scraping/Automation Jul 2020


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