Lalit R.
DubaiUnited Arab Emirates
92% Job Success

Technology Head | Senior Architect | Full Stack Developer

✨ With over 12 years of seasoned expertise in software development, I specialize in crafting exceptional applications across diverse technologies. Armed with a Master's degree in Computer Science (MCA), I offer comprehensive proficiency across the entire application lifecycle, from conceptualization to deployment. **Why ME? 🌈** ✨ 120+ Jobs completed ✨ ✨ 15000+ hours worked ✨ My skill set spans a wide array of programming languages and domains, including: ✨ Backend & Frameworks: Node.js, .NET Core (C#), Python, Django, Nestjs, FastAPI ✨ Frontend: React.js, Vue.js, Angular, Blazor ✨ Full Stack Suites: MEAN, MERN, MEVN stacks ✨ Blockchain & Cryptocurrency: Ethereum, NFT, Solidity, Hyperledger Fabric ✨ Real-Time Technologies: Socket.IO, WebRTC ✨ Cloud & DevOps: Azure, AWS, GCP, Docker, Kubernetes ✨ Mobile Development: Flutter, React Native, Xamarin ✨ No-Code Platforms: ✨ Medical: Azure Health Data Services, FHIR, HIPAA Compliance ✨ Database Systems: MySQL, SQL Server, MongoDB, RedisDB ✨ Identity Management: Azure AD B2B, B2C, AWS Cognito, Auth0, Identity Server ✨ Bot Framework: Microsoft Bot Framework, ChatGPT ✨ Programming Methodologies: SOLID, Microservices, MVC, Clean Architecture ✨ Web Technologies: ASP.NET, REST, JSON, OAuth ✨ Server Technologies: Docker, Kubernetes, Nginx ✨ PHP Proficiency: PHP, Laravel ✨ WordPress Specialties: WordPress, WordPress Plugins ✨ Payment Gateways: Stripe payment, Authorize.Net ✨ Communication Integration: Twilio ✨ Project Management Tools: Trello, JIRA, ClickUp ✨ Version Control Systems: GIT, GitHub ✨ Continuous Integration: CircleCI, Jenkins ✨ 99.9% of reviews are 5 stars. For completed jobs in multiple technologies, please scroll down further. If you're looking for a highly qualified and experienced engineer with a passion for multiple skills and a proven track record of delivering results, I would be honored to bring my expertise to your next project. Let's work together to build the future of technology! 🚀

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  • JavaScript
  • React Native
  • GraphQL
  • .NET Core
  • Shopify
  • .NET Framework
  • SQL
  • TypeScript