Sachiko O.
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Japanese Localization Specialist / Marketer for Japan Market

Pragmatic Skills of【Marketing】x【Desigin】x【CopyWriting】 Perfectly “Localize” your business with the right understanding of the Japanese Market and Copywriting/Design skills to enhance your business value. Also, Execute effective Marketing tactics to improve Access, CV, and LTV! ===Provide the Best SOLUTION=== My service is designed to solve frustration to Localize your business to Japan. If you are interested in expanding your business in Japan, It is very wise to work with me from the beginning for the long term because many clients come back to me after they spend stupid money on ineffective work from poor solutions. I do value long-term collaboration. I can provide 【all in one solution】 to localize your business and web assets, including translation, copywriting, SEO, SEM, email marketing, Social media management, contents creation, and Operating and monitoring Campaigns like Adwords and promotions, which make things go very smoothly and bring great results very fast. We even can also start with Market research to see the potential. ===Who I am === I am a native Japanese. Bilingual business and marketing specialist who is fluent in English. Have a wide variety of knowledge, experiences, and skills to help you to enhance your Business value in Japan. Experiences in various industries including Fortune 500 multinational enterprises, Japanese corporations, startups, several global brands, and government. ===Popuer Services === 【ASO】 - Apple Store and Google Play Basic store page optimization includes the following. ・Market and competitor research and analysis ・Target keyword research and analysis ・usually provide 2-3 patterns of Title, Subtitle, and Short Description, so that you can do some A/B tests to see best practices and one Long Description, and Keywords Field. (depends on market and product) Other Options ・Screebshots optimization (only text or including design depending on your need) ・Consuting to improve CV, Access, and LTV ・Promotion planning in local media ・Market research ・Kyeword research ・In app optimization or localization. 【LP / Website all-in-one Localization 】 - Design and Copywriting with the Marketing strategy and insight. Basically, Include the following ・Consulting ・Market and competitor research and analysis ・Target keyword research and analysis ・Target Persona ・Copywiritng ・Design(comprehensive layout)including header and footer Other Options ・Directions to developer or coder to implement ・Consuting to improve CV, Access, and LTV ・Build marketing plan and execute ・Promotion planning in the local market ・Ads and social media management ・In app/system optimization or localization 【In app / System Localization 】 Familiar with software, app, websites, and e-commerce system development and I can directly work in the system, with an understanding of the basic web languages, like HTML, CSS, PHP, and jQuery.....and I can take care of all structural/cultural differences accordingly. So NO MESS, Fit the current Layout, Perfectly Natural and useful, especially for the following products, Saas, and apps ・Language localization /translation tools ・Marketing tools ・Keywords tools ・Whiteboard movie maker which needs to take care of Stroke order ・Anything that Work with the combination of short words and phrases, not long sentences and so on...... 【Consulting】 ・Analyze / optimize your Service and marketing strategy ・Provide the suggestion on how to improve your marketing plan ・Japanese market insights with competitive analysis ・Market analysis to see the potential of your business/market 【Marketing】 Support international businesses with local marketing and engagement strategies for doing business with Japanese businesses. ・Market Research and Analytics ・Build the strategy for effective customer acquisition as well as maximize your value and revenue (A X CV x LTV) ・Demand Generation ・A/B test ・Developing personalized account-based marketing campaigns ・Marketing operations to create an optimal lead-routing flow ・Conceptualizing and controlling upsell campaigns and promoting new features ・Professional social media management ・Covering the full range of enterprise localization ・Keep ads are always appealing, well-performing, and meeting your quality standards ・Managing our external advertising agency to continuously optimize existing campaigns as well as facilitating the process of bringing new campaigns live 【Copywriting / Contents Localization】 ・TOP Quality Copywriting, Effective Localization & SEO to Promote your business 24/7 basis. ・Blog/article creative writing ・Ad copywriting My strength is not only just "Translating (Changing the language)", I can do perfectly "Localize" with the right understanding of the market (including optimized keywords) and Top quality writing skills to Provide the message in a simple and effective way. I have plenty of stock of vocabulary and expressions as well as Top quality copywriting skills to attract the right audiences for you.

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