Chester C.
Davao CityPhilippines
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SEO Specialist | Copywriter | VA | Google Adwords

I've worked as a professional copywriter in the freelancer industry for over ten years now. I have attended several writer's workshops and invested a small fortune in eBooks to improve my skills. I continue to buy books and attend workshops that will further enhance my skills as a writer. Over the course of my career as a professional copywriter, I've realized that I work best with topics I am most passionate about. So I've decided to focus all my energies on these three niches: pets, music, and cars/motorcycles. Pets - Between my wife and I, we own 5 dogs, 9 cats, a few hundred fishes, and a thousand or more earthworms. If I wasn't a copywriter, I'd say this was my full-time job. I am very passionate about animals of all shapes and sizes. Whenever I visit a new place, the first thing I look for is a zoo. The next ones are the biggest libraries and the most interesting museums. I'm pretty boring. I know. When I have the chance, I go look for musical instruments. And if there are any car shows, I go check that out too. Music - As a musician, I especially love writing about musical instruments. I already do research on my own for personal reasons so why not get paid for it and put my thoughts to words on paper right? I also run my music-related website focusing on local talent in our city. You can also find my band AcidRadius on Spotify. Cars and Motorcycles - I've worked in the automotive niche as a copywriter and I have had the privilege of working with websites dedicated to cars, RVs, off-road vehicles, motorcycles, cafe racers, and weird automobiles. I have written about tires, car performance, audio systems, and everything else in between that's related to cars and motorcycles. So, if you have anything you need written in these niches, give me a call. I'm also an experienced Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the outsourcing/offshoring industry. Skilled in Operations Management, Coaching, Service-Level Agreements (SLA), Workforce Management, and Contact Centers. Strong professional with a Bachelor of Science (BS) focused on Business Administration, Management, and Operations from Asian Institute for Distance Education.


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