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Amazon Seller & Vendor | Walmart |PPC| Wayfair and eBay Expert

I am an expert in Amazon and Walmart products ranking as well as SEO, Product Listing, Listing Optimization, Keyword Research, Keyword Ranking, and Ranking Maintenance I provide the following services in which I combine motivation with a can-do management style that corresponds with the requirements of your organization. ☑️ Product Analysis: I'll perform a comparative examination of the products and offer a comprehensive audit report that includes an overview of all the information, including the images, title, description, bullet points, keywords, review/rating, and FBA/FBM. ☑️ Keyword : I’ll make sure to provide you with the best keyword research and Amazon suggested top rated to use in your listing content and in the backend search terms field. ☑️ Listing & Optimization: I will assist you with creating amazing, SEO-friendly, and eye-catching Amazon product listings that include 9 images, titles, bullet points, and descriptions (HTML or EBC). ☑️ Image Design: Images are the first thing customers see, and they can entice or repel them. If you require it, I will create your product (Main, Infographic, Lifestyle, 360, and Measurements) images as well as the material for your A+ and shopfront. ☑️ Amazon PPC & Bulk Campaign Optimization: I'll manage your PPC campaigns to get your products to the top of search results. I'll get your product to the top of the rankings in 7-10 days and help you set up Pay Per Click Amazon ads. Targeting top-rated merchants & products to promote your products in their related items category. lowering your ACOS (Advertising Cost of Sale) and improving your ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend). ☑️ Account Health & Customer Support: Dealing with customers is a completely different job that requires a steady, calm head. I'll be taking care of Product Returns & Refunds, Warranty Claims, A to Z Claims, etc. to provide you with full assistance. Additionally, I offer on-demand e-commerce services for Walmart.com and Amazon (Seller Vendor central), including the following: 🔥Full Account Management 🔥Amazon Brand Registry 🔥PPC strategic planning and profit analysis 🔥Product Launches 🔥Listing Content Creation 🔥Graphic Design for Infographics and A+ Content 🔥Amazon Custom Storefront Design & Creation 🔥Training your internal team members 🔥and more ✅Amazon Seller Central: 🔗 Amazon variation add/fix 🔗Amazon Brand name update 🔗Amazon complex flat file fixing 🔗Amazon category approval/Ungating 🔗Amazon listing upload 🔗Amazon feed upload 🔗Amazon Brand Registry-related Issues 🔗Amazon Template modification 🔗Amazon inventory upload 🔗Amazon listing modification 🔗Amazon Seller Central Account Management 🔗Amazon FBA listing 🔗Amazon Product image editing using photoshop 🔗Amazon Product image editing with white background 🔗Amazon Enhanced Brand Content upload ✅Amazon Vendor Central: 🔗Purchase Orders (POs) 🔗Reimbursement and chargeback 🔗Listing new items via NIS file 🔗Updating existing listings in bulk 🔗Variation creation 🔗Document submission, like SDS, UN 38 🔗Bulk images upload via pdf 🔗Resolving errors in the suppressed images 🔗Fixing cot issues 🔗I know how to collect ARA Basic data and how to identify chargebacks, POs, etc. 🔗Inventory Management system 🔗Content Update 🔗PPC campaigns ✅Walmart: 🔗Bulk listing (spec sheet templates) 🔗Shipping Plan /WFS shipments 🔗Shipment reconciliations 🔗Reimbursements against lost Inventory 🔗Listing Variations like color and size (parent-child relationship) 🔗Inventory Planning & Order Processing 🔗Customer Services and Order processing 🔗Keyword research for PPC 🔗Bulk campaign optimization 🔗Listing score enhancement 🔗Ranking your listings against the main or any specific keywords ✅MS Excel: ➡️Managing sheets ➡️Adding Pivot tables ➡️25+ formulas to work smartly ➡️Adding slicers to excel ➡️Adding graphs, 3d or simple to show sales trends, etc. ➡️Connecting the sheets to automate the process and many other skills in excel, like simple calculations, of percentages, grades, employees, salary calculations, performance matrices, etc. ☀️Tools I use☀️ ✅For Product and keyword research ►Helium 10 ►Keepa ►Jungle Scout ►Viral Launch ►Merchant Word ✅For Repricing: ►BQool ►ChannelMAX ►Seller Snap ✅For FBA Restocking and Inventory Management ►Skubana ►Restock Pro ►Expandly ✅For Creative Skills: ►Adobe Photoshop ✅For Task management: ►Asana ►Sales Force ►Notions ►Airtable ►Monday ✅If you want to rank high on Google for your website and Amazon, you've come to the correct place. ►Google SEO & Rank. ►On-page & Of-page SEO. ►Content writing. ►PPC adds ✅Aside from that, I am also experienced in managing: 🔹Wayfair, 🔹Home Depot, 🔹eBay, Etsy, 🔹Houzz, 🔹Shopify, 🔹Lumens, 🔹Faire, and many other B2B platforms. I'm just a message away if you need assistance managing any of the aforementioned shops. Thank You Waqas

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