Chavez M.

Prof. BI/BA Developer, Multimedia Designer and Technical Trainer

My name is Chavez McKee. I am an Industrial Engineer whose professional opportunities over the past 15 years have led to adventures in Project Mgmt, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Multi-Media Development, and Web & Graphic Design. At each level of my career, I have always taken the chance the enter every role from the prespective of the novice (even if I had YEARS of experience on the subject). Doing so, afforded me the opportunity to absorb everything that the company offered. I WAS A SPONGE!! I hung on every word and when I returned home at night, I would "translate" what was shared into terms that a beginner with no knowledge could understand. This gave me the unique experience of asking more direct (pointed) questions which, in turn, expanded my knowledge exponentially and I feel makes me a better learner, trainer and designer I am a U.S. based, Professional Web Developer and Graphic Designer with 5yrs of developing experience. I am fluent in the entire Adobe Creative Suite, with a focus in PhotoShop (PS), Illustrator, (AI) and DreamWeaver (DW). I specialize in custom web development of responsive websites providing my customers with individualized unique site templates that fit their business.


  • HTML5
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Qlik Sense
  • Agile Project Management
  • QlikView