Andrea G.

Game Writer & Narrative Designer

Hi everyone, my name's Andrea or as I usually present myself to everyone, my name is Shino. I live in Porto, Portugal, and I'm an aspiring Game Writer and Narrative Designer interested in video games and tabletop role-play games. I have written since I was a child, and I'm fascinated by the creative power and the message behind a story; I started by writing brief novels for friends, creating stories with just a few dictated elements, and then I write as well for song lyrics, poetry, dramaturgy plays, worldbuilding projects and brainstorming for game ideas. I also write for my blog, called Il Vacuo Malandrino (The Rogue of Void), where I post personal logs about travels and music and brief novels occasionally; I also worked as a copywriter for social media profiles back when I was a Community Manager for a videogame company. I'm a native Italian, and I can speak and write in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and a little Danish (I'm a globetrotter and a hostel-dweller in my spare time). However, I work primarily in English and Italian. About themes I have written about so far, my favourite ones are travelling, music, the human condition and feelings, cyberpunk, horror, fantasy, gothic and generally surrealistic settings. I can deliver several tasks in order to provide a coherent and functional narrative flow for your games, starting with an idea to brainstorm with, having limits where to set my creative space, delivering plot and characters, worldbuilding and lore, setting up a story bible and a mood board for your designers; creating feature specs; creating copies; review the GDD and if necessary also helping with GX writing and design. Of course, the narrative flow may sound amazing most of the time for its greatness and splendour, but it is essential to remember that what we like may not be what players will. Another good feat is my soft skills to keep communication functional and teamwork-oriented and encourage a healthy environment between all the parts. I chose not to rely on AI software, whether they would be objectively functional to the cause, as I prefer to rely on striving to think outside the box, lateral thinking, and stress out (in good ways, don't worry) my creativity rather than relying on creative-by-logic solutions. Thank You for your time and attention. See You around!
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  • UX Writing
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  • Game UI/UX Design
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