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From Chaos to Clarity: AMAZON & eCommerce Accountant Bookkeeper :)

🛒Helping eCommerce Sellers Thrive with Accurate Financial Insights 📈 Are you an eCommerce seller striving to make it big on platforms like Amazon, Shopify, Walmart, or Etsy? Here is a common problem: the struggle to see your true profitability. Many sellers find themselves in a maze of spreadsheets and inaccurate financials, unsure if they're truly making profits or losses. And what’s worse? If you don't nail down your accounting, you're running blind. Mismanaged finances can quickly spiral into missed opportunities, inaccurate tax filings, and worst of all, stagnant growth for your business. One common mistake eCommerce sellers thought is that basic bookkeeping is enough. However, the reality is harsh: eCommerce demands a specialized approach beyond simple cash tracking. Maybe you found an app that promises to sync your Amazon / Shopify Sales in real time! But the app synced all your orders, one by one, together with all unnecessary details. It clogged up your accounting system...to the point, you can no longer use your books efficiently. It’s a lot of headache and stress! ............................. eCommerce Sellers deserve something better. eCommerce businesses need accrual accounting. The usual cash-based approach is never enough. Here's where I come in, providing accounting and bookkeeping solutions tailored for eCommerce sellers. There are three fundamental areas that eCommerce businesses need proper accounting: 1. eCommerce Platform Sales, Fees, and Receivables/Pending balances 2. Cost of Goods Sold calculation 3. Inventory purchases, Beginning, and Ending Inventory balances Through the years of working with eCommerce sellers, I developed a meticulous Five-Step process designed to address the unique challenges of eCommerce accounting: 1. Bank Feed Setup & Reconciliation - Streamline your financial data for crystal-clear insights. 2. A2X Integration - Seamlessly sync sales, fees, and COGS for accurate reporting 3. Payout Reconciliation - Eliminate discrepancies with meticulous settlement tracking 4. Inventory Accounting - From purchase to balance reconciliation, ensure your inventory figures are spot-on. 5. Comprehensive Reporting - Gain clarity with insightful financial reports, paving the way for informed decisions. This system includes the two most important accounting software we need to use. a. QuickBooks Online, and b. A2X 🌟 Hear What My Amazing Clients Say🌟 “Jay is an exceptional e-commerce accountant. He expertly managed my bookkeeping for multiple entities in the US and Canada, offering valuable insights and strategic support. His dedication, English proficiency, and industry knowledge make him a standout choice. Highly recommended!” ~ Carmen W. Amazon/Walmart Seller “Jay has helped me extensively with my Amazon bookkeeping. I was a mess before I met Jay and he was able to turn a bad situation into something manageable and organized. He set up QuickBooks with A2X integration.” ~ Liam B. Amazon Seller So, are you ready to take the leap and get your books done the eCommerce way? 💬 Drop me a message to start -Jay PS: Amazon is the river, and your bank account is the bucket, fill it up as much as you want, and don’t spill it. NOTE: If you like to discuss a project, please send me a direct message as accepting an invitation requires paying a lot of connects nowadays due to the new Upwork policy. ***** MY CERTIFICATIONS: -QuickBooks Online Certified ProAdvisor - Elite Level -Certified A2X Bronze Partner -QuickBooks Online Accounting for Amazon by Catching Clouds Academy -QuickBooks Online Amazon Accounting Simplified Course by AccountingWeWillGo -Certified Public Accountant -Become a Bookkeeper LinkedIn Certified -QuickBooks LinkedIn Certified -Hubdoc Certified Advanced Partner -Xero Certified Advisor -Xero Migration Certified ***** You can find me with the following keywords: quickbooks online, quickbooks bookkeeping, quickbooks proadvisor, quickbooks accountant, quickbooks payroll, bookkeeping intuit quickbooks, intuit quickbooks, accounting bookkeeping, wave accounting, xero accounting, odoo accounting, accounting tutor, bookkeeping, quickbooks bookkeeping, xero bookkeeping, light bookkeeping, amazon bookkeeping, accountant, cpa accountant, certified public accountant, accountability coach, accountant bookkeeper, accounts receivable, bookkeeper, bookkeeper quickbooks online, real estate bookkeeper, bookkeeper xero, ecommerce bookkeeper, bookkeeping, amazon, amazon fba, amazon virtual assistant, amazon wholesale, gaap, us gaap, qbo, shopify, walmart, etsy, ebay, woocommerce, ecommerce, ecom, e-commerce
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Get started working with Jay quickly with these predefined projects.

Get started working with Jay quickly with these predefined projects.

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