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Summary: - Founder, co-owner, and portfolio manager of a 6-figure private investment fund LLC. - Air Force veteran - I specialize in programming trading bots (equities, options, futures, crypto), hooking them up to brokerage accounts, creating webpage dashboards for them, integrating them with databases, deploying them into the cloud, and related financial automation jobs to include back-testing, email/text alerts, TradingView / TrendSpider webhooks, order forms, order routing scripts, sentiment analysis (like on r/WallStreetBets), scanners/screeners, as well as web scrapers. - 100% independent, no agencies, no bureaucracy. - A truly full-stack, end-to-end solution for all things algorithmic trading / quant developing. - Better value than what you might find on TradersPost.io, OptionAlpha.com, WhisperTrades.com, Composer.trade, Surmount.ai, Capitalise.ai, MachineTrader.io, etc. Most of my clients pay under $20 in ongoing monthly fees to maintain their systems, with no limits on amount of capital invested or number of asset classes. - Joined Upwork in Nov 2021; achieved TOP RATED status in Sep 2022. Relevant education background: - Dual M.S. Finance and M.S. Business Analytics, University of Dallas, 2023 Stock brokerage APIs: - Alpaca - Charles Schwab - Etrade - Lime Financial - TastyTrade - TradeStation - Tradier - Tradovate Programming languages: - Python - HTML - CSS + Bootstrap - Javascript - Google Apps Script (Google Sheets) - VBA (Microsoft Excel) - SAS Trading languages (read-only proficiency): - EasyLanguage - Pinescript - Thinkscript Web development frameworks: - Flask - Plotly Dash - Streamlit Databases: - Deta - Firebase - MongoDB - SQLite Cloud platforms: - Fly.io - GCP (Google Cloud Platform) - Heroku (Salesforce) - Linode - Python Anywhere - Railway - Render Software: - Power BI - Tableau Recent real-world jobs done for Upwork clients: - Created a webpage which enables multiple users to ability to make their own bots with no code, includes parameters such as entry time, exit time, position sizing, number of legs, etc. - Executed an iron condor strategy with multiple stop losses, profit takes, and futures hedging. - Taught a client with almost no prior Python knowledge how to program his own multileg options bot and implement it on a brokerage with error handling features in under 50 hours. - See the portfolio section on my profile for more. Other relevant experience: - I programmed my own algorithmic trading bot that I run daily using my own real money. I do not sell my own bot, but I will make yours. - Built a shallow machine learning model using Scikit-Learn to make binary predictions of "Yes" or "No" on a car loan default dataset which had better predictive accuracy than the top rated answer on Kaggle. Notes: - I don't do ultra low-latency or high-frequency trading (HFT). - While I do sell pre-made templates, I don't sell pre-made strategies. Whether or not your bot makes money will depend largely on the requirements I am provided. If you want pre-made, then head on over to collective2.com. - While I am constantly adding to my skillset, here's a list of things that at this time I have no experience with: AFL/Amibroker, AWS, Azure, Bloomberg, cTrader, Django, eSignal, FastAPI, FIX, FTMO, Interactive Brokers TWS, Keras (or any deep learning), MetaTrader 4, neural networks, NinjaTrader, NodeJS, Postgres, React, TypeScript, Zapier. - Please book a consultation if you want to talk to me synchronously (phone calls, video chats). Due to the high number of invites I receive, I don't offer free synchronous time. I will answer text messages, but not always immediately. - At this time, my project minimum is 5 hours / $450. My largest job to date has been for about $5000 and my average now tends to be around $2500. All my earnings data is displayed publicly on my profile, and I've never had any feedback removed like other freelancers often do.

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  • API
  • Trading Language
  • Trading Strategy
  • Trading Automation
  • Cloud Implementation
  • Financial Trading
  • Bot Development
  • TradingView

Get started working with Tyler quickly with these predefined projects.

Get started working with Tyler quickly with these predefined projects.

You will get a web template for creating equity/option strategies on your broker

From $1,500
7 days delivery

You will get a spreadsheet that connects to your stock brokerage

From $450
3 days delivery

You will get coaching on how to program your own trading bot

From $850
10 days delivery

You will get integration with TradingView / TrendSpider webhooks to your brokerage

From $450
3 days delivery