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4+ YEARS Webinars & VSLs Lead Generation Expert - B2B & B2C

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ''right now the registration rate is at 34.41% for the last 7 days..... :) yay..'' ✅ Brandy, US. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ''Highly knowledgeable when it comes to Webinars & VSLs.'' ✅ Mike, US. 🚀𝗜 𝗮𝗺 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗼𝗻𝗹𝘆 Webinar Expert with 4+ years of experience in Webinar Strategy, Webinar Copywriting, Webinar Project Management, Webinar Production, Webinar Scriptwriting, Webinar Ad Copywriting & Launching Webinars From A-Z for clients executing tasks, delivering content, joining people & resources for maximum speed-to-market and conversions. **I have also written dozens of Video Sales Letters & Content Flywheel Ads for clients that need a webinar-like approach that doesn't require them to sit 90 minutes live or even record the videos themselves.** I have hosted webinars and recorded VSLS myself, built webinar funnels, VSL funnels, written Perfect Webinar Scripts & VSL scripts, and launched Webinar/VSL FB Ads for my own webinars and clients', I understand the process and all the key activities needed to take a Webinar from an idea to a reality. My top Mentors are Joel Erway, Russel Brunson, Jason Fladlien, and Mike Filsaime. I have worked with webinarjam, gotowebinar, webinargeek, etc. =WEBINAR PROBLEMS?= ❌Low registration rate in the webinar. ❌Low attendance rate ❌Good engagement (or average view duration) but NO SALES ❌People bounce out on the webinar ❌People see offer but don't convert ❌Webinar ads don't work anymore ❌Rising ad costs are threatening profits =HOW I HELP YOU= 📞We jump on a 15min free Webinar/VSL Strategy Call in which I audit your strategy and see whether my skills and experience can fit you. Depending on your needs I will help you: -Make sure your course/coaching/service offer will sell before promoting it -Turn your course/application/call schedule funnel from a dream to a reality -Research your audience and competitors -Find the top-performing Webinars/VSLS in your niche -Strategize webinar/VSLcontent BEFORE creating it -Build a complete webinar/VSL funnel -Design the slides/write webinar/VSL script needed -Practice the webinar with you -Improve current webinar/VSL pages -Improve offer conversions -Optimize Conversion Rates on your webinar/VSL funnel -Post-Webinar Analysis & optimization So You Can: ✅Validate your offer idea before investing ✅Reduce ad cost. ✅Increase Opt-In Rates. ✅Find a winning script + offer for your Webinar/VSL ✅Have as many sales as top competitors. ✅Avoid excessive costs when launching. ✅Reduce cost per optin/viewer/buyer. ✅Increase webinar/vsl profits ✅Make your Funnel start making money in less than 30 days By providing you with these services: 🔹Webinar Ad Copy & Webinar ads scripts 🔸Webinar Landing page Copy 🔹Competitor Funnel Hacking/Spying 🔸Webinar Script & Webinar Slide Deck (perfect webinar) 🔹Webinar dry-run practice session & feedback 🔸Webinar Project Management From A-Z 🔹Video Sales Letter Script 🔸Webinar Production 🔹Course Launch 🔸Webinar Split Testing / CRO 🔹 Pixel Set Up & Event Tracking 🔸Registration Page Building 🔹Sales Page or Checkout Page Copywriting 🔹Clickfunnels Webinar Funnel Building 🔸Clickfunnels Webinar Integration set up 🔹Webinar Email Reminders + Automation 🔸Conversion Rate Optimization For Webinars 🔹Coaching Offers / Course Offers creation ⭐⭐⭐TOP WEBINAR/VSL TESTIMONIALS⭐⭐⭐ ''I had a 50% show-up rate and fully SOLD OUT the course!'' ✅ Niall, Ireland. ''Ishmael gave me a great script for a short webinar." ✅ Karen, US. ''I'm seeing $2.46 cost per lead at the moment - I've never had below $3.40 before so that's huge too.'' ✅ Clint, US. ''Ismael is a very talented professional copywriter.'' ✅ Mimi, US. ''He helped me craft an effective VSL script and provided expert advice..'' ✅ Tabrez, AU. ====WHAT'S NEXT==== Click The Green Button On My Profile To Either Hire Or Contact Me So I Can 1) Jump On A Call With You. I will learn your company, service/product, target demographic, who your top competitors are, what is your big goal and the main issues you are facing with your webinar. 2) RIGHT After the call, I will send you a project estimation calculating the hours and budget needed for your specific Webinar/VSL Funnel Project to be completed successfully, 100% money back guarantee if I don't deliver what you need. 3) After receiving the contract invitation I always begin with a deep competitor, ads + webinar research which is where I base the webinar strategy on (funnel hacking). After that, we decide on a course of action. I will send you constant updates to make sure it's going in the right direction. 4) I start writing/building/collaborating in order to turn your Webinar/VSL Funnel/video marketing assets from a dream to a reality so you can start getting leads and clients. When you feel ready, just click the button at the top right of this page "Post Job To Invite" or "Invite to Job" to start helping you today.

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Get started working with Ismael quickly with these predefined projects.

Get started working with Ismael quickly with these predefined projects.

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