Ndidiamaka E.
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YouTube Scriptwriter/ Ghostwriter/Creative Writer/ Gamewriter

Hello there! I'm Didi, a professional ghostwriter, screenwriter and YouTube scriptwriter, with a knack for turning blank pages into emotional journeys. With over five years of professional writing under my belt and a shiny screenwriting certification to back up my skills, I've been the secret sauce behind many stories you might have felt a connection with, without even realizing it. My adventure in the world of storytelling began not just out of a mere passion but from a desire to create worlds, characters, and experiences that resonate deeply with audiences. Whether it's the subtle tension in a character's silence or the vibrant energy of a well-timed joke, I've learned the art of balancing the delicate nuances of storytelling with the robust demands of audience engagement. I've always believed that a good story is not just seen; it's felt. It's in the way a viewer's eyes linger on the screen long after the movie has ended, or how they find themselves lost in thought, reflecting on a scene that seemed to mirror their own life. My scripts are more than just a series of events; they are a tapestry of emotions, woven with the threads of human experience, designed to leave a lasting impression. When it comes to YouTube, it's a whole different ball game, but the essence remains the same – it's all about connection. I've spent years mastering the art of screenwriting that doesn't just get views but captures hearts. I write with an understanding that behind every view count is a person seeking to learn, to feel, to be entertained. My scripts are crafted to make your channel not just a drop in the digital ocean, but a lighthouse: distinctive, guiding, and sought after. What sets me apart? It's the blend of my experience, my adaptability to different voices and genres, and my unwavering commitment to collaboration. I don't just work for you; I work with you. Your vision, your message, your unique perspective – these are the ingredients I cherish and amplify in every script. And with every deadline met with punctuality, every project is a step towards building a lasting partnership. In a nutshell, I'm not just in the business of writing; I'm in the business of creating legacies through storytelling. If you're looking for someone to help your story leave a mark – whether on the silver screen or the digital screens of YouTube – I'm your writer. Let's chat, brainstorm, and bring your vision to life, one word at a time.

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Get started working with Ndidiamaka quickly with these predefined projects.

Get started working with Ndidiamaka quickly with these predefined projects.

You will get an interactive story for your visual novel

From $300
3 days delivery

You will get a professionally written movie script or web series

From $300
4 days delivery

You will get a unique design for your flyers, logo, business card, and ebook cover

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1 day delivery

You will get a captivating romance story with unforgettable characters

From $200
7 days delivery


Endorsements from past clients

"Ndidi is an amazing creative writer, she takes her job seriously and delivers on time. She offered great communication throughout the project and it was a delight working with her."

Joseph T.
Mar 2021