Zar S.
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Android App Developer

I'm a seasoned Android developer with nearly 6 years of experience in Kotlin and Java. I've worked on a wide range of apps, embracing various architectures and UI approaches, from XML layouts to Jetpack Compose. My skills extend to writing unit tests, ensuring app reliability. I excel at understanding client requirements and translating them into feasible solutions. I'm adept at planning feature development from concept to completion, and I've contributed to apps that enhance users' lives. In summary, I'm a versatile Android developer with a track record of delivering high-quality apps, a strong grasp of programming languages, and a passion for creating impactful solutions. Technologies I'm good with: Kotlin/Java Coroutines Flow Jetpack Compose XML Databinding Hilt Navigation Componentes Unit Testing LiveData Firebase Notifications Git Workflow, Google Map Google Places Route Tracking Google Play Console - App publishing Wear OS - Apps for smart watches Android Studio Retrofit - Networking in android Socket - Realtime communication MVVM - Model View View Model Architecture Design for android apps MVVM Clean Architecture - MVVM with Clean Architecture with modules (Presenter, Domain, Data) GitWorkFlow - Branching structure at VCS


  • Model View ViewModel
  • Clean Architecture
  • Socket Programming
  • Dagger
  • Mobile App
  • Android Studio
  • Unit Testing