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Hello, I'm Danang, a business administration MBA-DBA, economics, management, and social sciences academic writer and researcher. With over 9 years of experience, I've written more than 9 doctorate dissertations and more than 8 master's theses for local and international clients. Essential Skills and Specializations: 💻 Professionally Manual Referencing (APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, etc) 💻 Grammatically Correct Content (With Proof) 💻 100% Plagiarism Free (With Proof) 💻 100% Manual Work 💻 Adaptability on Pricing 💻 Editing and Proofreading 💻 Proofreading 💻 Academic writing social sciences thesis-dissertation 💻 Editing and Proofreading thesis, dissertations, Research Articles, Journal research articles, Conference research articles 💻 Copy Editing and Proofreading 💻 Academic writing business administration thesis-dissertations 💻 Academic writing Management thesis-dissertations 💻 Academic Proofreading 💻 Statement of Purpose (SOP) 💻 Copy Editing Ph.D.- Doctoral Dissertations: I specialize in business administration, economics, management, and social sciences, ensuring in-depth knowledge and experience in these domains. Master's Theses: With expertise in entrepreneurship, human resources, customer-based brand equity, marketing, and corporate brands, I deliver high-quality master's theses tailored to your needs. Academic formatting documents (e.g., master thesis reports, doctoral thesis-dissertation) and formatting: APA7, APA formatting, Chicago style, Harvard, MLA, Vancouver. Scopus Q1-Q4 Articles: As a Scopus ghostwriter, I have successfully contributed to numerous articles published in Scopus Q1-Q3 journals. My work guarantees high-quality research and adherence to journal requirements. Research Methods: Proficient in both qualitative using Nvivo and quantitative research methods SEM-PLS using Smart Pls or IBM SPSS, I can assist you in designing robust studies and analyzing data using tools such as Bibliometric analysis using VOS Viewer and R Studio. Academic Integrity: I always write unique, plagiarism-free, and well-referenced work by using Turnitin for Instructor, and remove AI writings. Selected Projects: Doctoral Dissertations : 1. Dissertation writing about.Corporate Image and Purchase Intention for a State-Owned Company in Indonesia (State University, Bandung) 2. Dissertation editing and writing for Brand Equity in Political Parties and Voting Intentions using CBBE (Leading Private 'Universities, Bandung) 3. Dissertation coach for Brand Equity in Political Parties and Voting Intentions (Leading Private Universities, Jakarta) 4. Dissertation writer - Revisit Intention on Tourism in Comparative Cities using Customer-Based Brand Equity (CBBE) Theory 5. Dissertation Editor and Writing- for Work Performance During Post-COVID-19: The Effectiveness of Flexible Work Assignments in 2022. 6. Dissertation writing in Social Entrepreneurial Intention in an Entrepreneurial Organization (City of Bandung) 7. Saudi Generation Z's Buy Now Pay Later Adoption: A Study of Tamara and Tabby Applications using UTAUT2" 8. etc Master's Theses (thesis writing): 1. Thesis editing and writing - Social Entrepreneurial Intention in a Non-Profit Activity (City of Bandung) 2. Writing a Ph.D. thesis - User Behavior Intention using Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology 2 (UTAUT2) (State University, Bandung) 3. Master's Thesis writing for Perceptions of High School Students Towards Physical Education Learning during COVID-19 (University of San Jose, Philippines) in 2023 4. Master's thesis writing The Influence Of Work Engagement, Working Motivation, Work-Life Balance And Job Satisfaction On Work Performance case study in the tourism industry in Kingdom Saudi Arabia (KSA) 5.etc International Articles: 1. USER BEHAVIOUR INTENTION USING UTAUT2 MODEL: A SYSTEMATIC LITERATURE REVIEW RB (2019). 2. Social entrepreneurship intention: A systematic literature review (2019) 3. Systematic mapping study: Political attitudes in elections (2019). please message me if you need more info in google scholar. Essay: - The Impact of cost Sharing and Cost of living on UK Students: using a Stakeholders Theory. Literature Review: - Antecedents and Unintended Consequences of Social Media Marketing - social media-centric consumption (SMCC) across Cultures Why Choose Me: 🔥QUALITY ASSURANCE: I offer high-quality work that exceeds expectations. 🔥TIMELY DELIVERY: I understand deadlines and assure on-time project completion. ACADEMIC INTEGRITY: I guarantee original, plagiarism-free content, AI writings free, and confidentiality. 🔥COLLABORATIVE APPROACH: I work closely with customers to understand their needs and give personalized project support. Don't hesitate to contact me if you require an expert, reliable academic writer and researcher. I promise excellent results that will boost your academic career.

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Get started working with Danang quickly with these predefined projects.

Get started working with Danang quickly with these predefined projects.

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