Rahul P.
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Dev Consultant For SMEs | Full Stack Node Js | ChatGPT

Welcome to a stellar upwork profile with over 200 jobs completed, all with 5 star reviews and over 100k+ earnings. My work has generated over 100X revenue for my clients. If your only goal is to save money and you don't mind freelancers deserting your project, or working with subcontractors who subcontract work, I'm certainly not for you. But if you are ready to invest in quality work and a wonderful experience, look no further. I am the guy! Having worked for last 10+ years on various projects, my expertise includes: ► Gaming backends with firebase/aws lambda/enjin sdk ► Established portfolio in Node Js powered web applications ► Front ends using vue js, react and svelte ► Open AI - Chatgpt, Midjourney, Elevenlabs and other AI based services and their APIs ► Microservices ► Serverless Apps using AWS Lambda and Firebase functions ►TDD using jest ► Dapps talking to smart contracts using web3 ► Api creation for mobile and web apps ► Integration numerous external apis into the system ► Complex workflow implementation for system automation ► Server Side Rendered (SSR) web apps using Nuxt js ► Google Apps Script / GSuite Specialist ► Firebase platform: Firestore, Realtime Database, Cloud functions, Storage, Hosting, Remote config. ► Video Streaming / Webinar platforms ► Flutter / Ionic Mobile Apps ► Robust, scalable and complex web apps using groovy/grails ► Impeccable communication ► Proven team player For front end, I have used Vue js, React, Angular and Knockout Js. Here is a brief overview of my experience so far: DOMAIN SPECIFIC _______________ 🔥 REAL ESTATE: Followupboss , Realgeeks, Trulia, Zillow, Realtor (api integrations) 🔥 VIDEO STREAMING/VOICE CALLS: webrtc using Red5Pro, Tokbox, QuickBlox, 🔥 Flashphoner (Web Call Server), Wowza Media Server, Youtube Live Api, Youtube Api 🔥 PROGRAMMALBE VOICE/Video: Twilio 🔥 SMS/Texting: Twilio, Plivo 🔥 AUTHENTICATION: Spring Security, Firebase Auth, Auth0, Apache Shiro TECHNOLOGY SPECIFIC ___________________ NODE JS EXPERIENCE: ☑️ Express JS , Sails JS and Meteor ☑️ Gulp , Webpack as build tools ☑️ Socket.io and pusher for pub sub / realtime io ☑️ Chatbots ( discord / twitch / facebook ) ☑️ AWS Lambda and AWS Amplify ☑️ Waterline and Sequelize ORM JAVASCRIPT Experience: ✔️ Knockout JS, Vue JS, Angular , React ✔️ jQuery ✔️ Geo apis like Google Maps Api, Decarta Api, Graphhopper api ( Isochrone ) ✔️ ES6, Typescript, JSX ✔️ vuetify ✔️ ng-bootstrap ✔️ bootstrap-vue ✔️Svelte ✔️Tailwind GRAILS EXPERIENCE: ✓ Plugins used: Spring security, Apache Shiro, Resources Plugin(currently obsolete), Asset Pipeline, Sass, Melody, Quartz, OAuth plugin, Rabbitmq, Cookie and many more.... ✓ Projects: webinarsonair.com, funnelizer.com ✓ Testing: Spock/Junit ✓ Server platforms: Tomcat and heroku API INTEGRATIONS: ▴Twitter ▴Fb Graph api ▴google apis ▴Ecommerce(Linnworks, Chargebee, Tradevine, Receiptful) ▴Autoresponders(Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp, Ontraport, Maropost, iContact, Infusionsoft, Sendy, ActiveCampaign) ▴Twitch ▴Discord ▴Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3, Wistia. You name it, I have it. JAVA EXPERIENCE: ▴Scripts ▴Automation ▴Bots ▴Desktop Softwares using javafx/swing ▴Jsoup ▴Twitter4j MOBILE Development Experience: Flutter and ionic (capacitor) OTHERS: Zapier, Google Apps Script, IFTTT, Integromat _______________________ I am always hungry for learning new stuff and taking on new challenges. Deadlines and pressure bring the best out of me. Let's build something awesome together!

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  • Firebase Cloud Firestore
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • GraphQL
  • Flutter
  • web3.js
  • Vue.js
  • ChatGPT