Usama C.

Tech Solutions | Industrial protocols | Automation System Design

Need help with tech solutions? You're in the right place. I'm Usama Chohan, a passionate and results-oriented engineer and developer driven by a desire to create innovative solutions in the industrial and technical sectors. With over 04 years of experience, I bring a unique blend of technical expertise and a collaborative spirit to every project I undertake. My Skillset: My diverse skillset allows me to excel in various areas: Communication Protocol Development: I am an expert in developing communication protocols like Modbus, Ethernet (including EtherCAT and standard Ethernet), and CAN bus. These skills enable me to design robust and efficient communication solutions for a variety of industrial applications. Industrial Machine Design and Parts Design: I utilize Solidworks to design and model industrial machines and their components with precision and efficiency. This expertise allows me to bring your concept to life with accuracy and functionality. PLC Programming and SCADA Development: I am proficient in programming PLCs and developing SCADA systems, enabling automation and monitoring of industrial processes. This empowers me to streamline operations and improve efficiency. IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things): I understand the principles and applications of IIoT, allowing me to integrate connected devices and systems for enhanced data collection and insights. This facilitates informed decision-making and process optimization. Programming and Data Handling: My skills encompass Python programming, MySQL database management, and data mining techniques. This comprehensive approach empowers me to handle data analysis, manipulation, and extraction effectively. Assembly Language Expertise: My in-depth knowledge of assembly language provides a strong foundation in core computing concepts. This expertise allows me to tackle intricate technical challenges and navigate complex systems. Beyond technical skills: Beyond technical prowess, I possess strong communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills. I am a dedicated individual who thrives in collaborative environments and is always eager to learn and grow. Open to Diverse Projects: I am available for a variety of projects within the aforementioned domains. Additionally, I am open to assisting with broader technical support needs. Contact Me: I am enthusiastic about working with clients who share my passion for innovation and efficiency. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your specific project requirements and how I can contribute my skills and expertise to your success.


  • ESP32
  • Modbus
  • CAN Bus
  • Database
  • Robotics

Get started working with Usama quickly with these predefined projects.

Get started working with Usama quickly with these predefined projects.

You will get modbus, ethernet, ethercat, can bus, profibus communication

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You will get boost your projects with assembly language

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You will get arduino, esp, or other microcontroller programming.

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