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At A Glance: Finite Element Analysis

Modern industry and commerce often relies heavily on mechanical components that are vital to commercial and industrial production. Entire industries are built around designing and testing various components and parts, which are in turn implemented and integrated into a vast array of different machines and tools. The performance of these parts is integral to the success of the companies and machines that rely on them, and being able to accurately predict that performance is a fundamental aspect of any product. Finite element analysis is the name given to the series of multi-physics computer simulations and models used to assess and evaluate the performance of the various mechanical systems without the need for costly prototyping. No matter what your business or organization is producing or designing, taking advantage of powerful finite element analysis specialists and software can be the key to successful product development.

Finite element analysis specialists are highly trained professionals with expertise using various FEA software suites to rigorously analyze and assess mechanical components. Through FEA, a specialist can explore fluid flow, heat transfer, and mechanical stress, then determine when, where, and how various components will react and ultimately fail. Coupled with experience working with FEA, specialists often come from engineering and science backgrounds, allowing them more often than not to help you and your company identify solutions for any potential issues that can be discovered during FEA. Hiring a freelance finite element analyst gives you access to powerful engineering and physics software without engaging in costly rapid prototyping, which can help avoid product recalls while driving down costs.

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