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Ivana P. - Freelance Graphic Designer

Ivana P.

Freelance Graphic Designer

1,447 hours
“Ivana is delightful to work with, she has a keen eye for design, she is very efficient and excellent communicator.”
  • Graphic design
  • Logo Design
Héctor M. - Expert Ilustrator, Brand and Packaging Designer

Héctor M.

Expert Ilustrator, Brand and Packaging Designer

0 hours
“I'm so happy with the final design :).”
  • Illustration
  • Infographics
Marisa G. - Graphic Designer

Marisa G.

Graphic Designer

152 hours
South Africa
“Marisa is a fantastic, talented, professional and hard-working designer. She did an amazing job! If you like high quality work she is the person you must hire. We are in love with...”
  • Graphic design
Uros O. - Senior Graphic Designer | Art Director

Uros O.

Senior Graphic Designer | Art Director

65 hours
“Wish I could give 6.0 for both cooperation and adherence to schedule. As always, Uros delivered designs on time and was gracious about the many changes along the way.”
  • Graphic design
  • Web design
Tatjana K. - Graphic Designer/ Illustrator

Tatjana K.

Graphic Designer/ Illustrator

563 hours
“Always working quickly and creatively, Tanja is a pleasure to do business with.”
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • CorelDRAW
Ze P. - Creative Director & Experienced Graphic Designer

Ze P.

Creative Director & Experienced Graphic Designer

0 hours
New to Upwork
  • Cinematography
  • Photography
Vadim P. - Graphic Designer

Vadim P.

Graphic Designer

0 hours
New to Upwork
  • Logo Design
  • Graphic design
Alexandra F. - Graphic Designer

Alexandra F.

Graphic Designer

0 hours
United States
New to Upwork
  • Packaging Design
Telemachos M. - Graphic designer

Telemachos M.

Graphic designer

224 hours
“I had a great experience with Telemachos. He is an experienced expert in what he does and cooperated diligently during the revision process.”
  • Adobe Illustrator
Lisa C. - Graphic Designer

Lisa C.

Graphic Designer

741 hours
“Lisa was great to work with. Her levels of communication were second to none, and she mastered our project in no time. The graphics fully completed to a very high standard before...”
  • Packaging Design
  • Prezi
Serge M. - Graphic Designer

Serge M.

Graphic Designer

0 hours
“Strongly recommend Serge. Hard working and very diligent . Great quality too”
  • Web design
  • Print design
Crispin S. - Art Director/Graphic Designer

Crispin S.

Art Director/Graphic Designer

2,718 hours
New Zealand

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At A Glance: Packaging Design

While traditional advertising campaigns and product development put the intrinsic value of the product itself at the forefront of their business efforts, today’s consumers are not satisfied with value alone. A successful marketing strategy must take into account all aspects of the product’s relationship with its consumers, from advertising to product development and especially the packaging that first introduces the customer to the product they have chosen to purchase. For this reason, products released into today’s marketplace must have a thoughtful, aesthetically pleasing packaging design in order to find success and increase their respective market share. Attractively designed packages are one important aspect of brand development that forges the primary experience bond with shoppers — a bond that transforms the product from something they use to the means by which they express their identity.

Upwork connects you with thousands of freelance packaging design professionals from around the globe. Whatever the specific needs of your product’s packaging, the enormous selection of experts on Upwork will create a visual identity for your product’s packaging, tailored for your brand’s target audience. Often, these freelance experts are the product of an array of multidisciplinary fields and are experienced in areas such as graphic design, 2D and 3D modeling in AutoCAD and SolidWorks, print design, logo development, digital illustration, and the various intricacies of bringing a product and its packaging to market. Take the first step toward creating a strong visual identity for your brand by hiring one of the thousands of packaging development professionals on Upwork today.

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