WEB DEVELOPMENT: Web development process is not a one-step process; it requires proper preparation, process building and highly skilled people with the right knowledge of the latest technologies which unlocks the potential of your future online prospective. E-COMMERCE WEB DEVELOPMENT: Having an online presence is essential in today's world so you could have the full control and responsibility for your brand's narrative. We help you in developing a powerful platform for controlling your business image, product pricing and end-to-end customer-experience by having your own ecommerce site. Rholab uses the world's leading ecommerce software platform to build your online store which helps you build your strong online presence. We use powerful platforms for your e-commerce web store development which includes woocommerce, shopify, magento and other effective solutions. MAINTENANCE: Your website needs the right approach for ensuring your high-level maintenance as the Internet is ever-changing and diverse. Rholab removes the hassle of setting up or upgrading your content, web portal servers, storage, load balancing and managing the overall infrastructure of your website. B2B ECOMMERCE SOLUTIONS (BUSINESS-TO-BUSINESS): Make your business a B2B one with Rholab’s effective strategies and solutions and reach a wider audience with ease. Business-to-business ecommerce has its own set of challenges and requires various features to meet the demands of customers such as company registration, customized catalog views, pricing structure, extensive payment options and easy reordering. Enable online booking of your products through your personalized B2B E-commerce platform and get the best of your business potential and align your logistics accordingly. DESKTOP APPLICATION: Our desktop application development services provide you with a powerful, user-friendly, and personalized desktop application experience that can run offline and independent of any web browser. We help you in fulfilling your respective business needs and provide a strategic edge in the rising industry. Various organizations have similar and special specifications, our tailored production enables businesses to achieve success and ensure growth-building. UI/UX DESIGN: Rholab has a solid experience in web design and custom UI/UX. Regardless of the size of an organization or the industry in which it resides, our heroes have the ability to design web and mobile apps to handle various business operations in manufacturing, e-commerce, education and other industries. Our unique design approaches meet the needs of vast organizations, companies and small businesses. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO): Online users now use search engines to hunt for products or services. According to some researches, a front-page website gets approximately 90% - 92% of Google traffic while Google's second-page gets just 4% to 5%. Being on Google's front page to organically raise the volume and quality of

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