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Only passionate work pushes valuable results. No excuses, outdated tools, and money waste. That’s how CGS-team works. You dream, we realize your ideas. You work with a developer directly, we solve any problems if appear. You don’t like bureaucracy and paperwork, we — too. You watch English-speaking developers with 5+ years of experience implementing your ideas, we control the process. Our 60+ happy customers include giants like IBM and Atlassian. We’re passionate about sharp tech solutions, future-unicorn ideas, and goal-fitting results. Work responsibility and solid experience are always a winning formula. Especially with such a tech list: Blockchain: • BTC, ETH, Polygon, BSC, Solana, Near, Algorand, Hedera • Web3.js, Ether.js, Solana Anchor • Starknet / Cairo • Web3auth, Opensea, Coingeco, Moralis, Infura, Alchemy • NFT, Launchpads, Metaverse, ICO, DeX, DeFI, Portfolio trackers Web: • TypeScript, JavaScript, React, NextJS, Redux, MobX, React Query, Gatsby, Angular, Vue, Nuxt Mobile: • React Native, Dart/Flutter Server: • NodeJS, NestJS, ExpressJS, GraphQL, Apollo client, REST API development, Docker, Rust Databases: • PostgreSQL (typeORM), mySQL, SQLite, MongoDB, Reddis Cloud: • AWS, Azure, Firebase, Google Cloud Platform, Heroku, GoDaddy See CGS-team’s approach in action. Let’s start tech-driven changes together!

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Mobile Development

Our certified devs are ready to develop any project: healthcare or edTech, IOS or Android. We provide qualitative prototyping, planning, MVP development, and maintenance of ongoing products. Our power stack includes Dart/Flutter & React Native as primary technologies.

Web Development

Desktop Application Development

Blockchain, NFT & Cryptocurrency

QA & Testing

Web & Mobile Design


  1. TypeScript
  2. Solana
  3. Blockchain
  4. React Native
  5. ExpressJS
  6. Solidity
  7. Mobile App Development
  8. NestJS
  9. Node.js
  10. AWS Amplify
  11. Rust
  12. Ethereum Network
  13. JavaScript
  14. Smart Contract
  15. React
100% Job Success
Top Rated

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May 18, 2020

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