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We do full cycle custom software development using .Net, Node.js, Java, React, Angular, JavaScript


Everyone has access to similar technologies - but it’s how you use them that makes the competitive difference. Our keywords: # Custom development # Platforms # SaaS # Construction # HealthCare # EHR # E-Learning # Sharing economy# Mobile experience# Scaled systems # Business Automation # Marketplaces # Software solutions B2B, B2C Our approach: AreasCode spotlights the importance of aligning company and technology strategy, we revisit the critical core and how digital nonnatives are using the cloud, low-code, and platform first strategies to juice legacy assets; and we take a deep dive into supply chain transformation. As a result, the distinction between company strategy and technology strategy is blurring — each needs to inform the other. For human and machine interaction, we look at emerging trends in the future of the workplace, digital experiences, and technology that supports diversity, equity, and inclusion. While HR professionals often lead DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) strategies, technology leaders in AreasCode play a critical role as a strategic partner by designing, developing, and executing tech-enabled solutions to address increasingly complex DEI workforce challenges. AreasCode and its clients & partners in the quest for bespoke experiences are pairing designers and coders in cross-functional teams with the goal of designing for an audience of one — a truly customized experience tailored to the behaviors, needs, and values of a single individual. Here we have a new breed of human experience: designers who use code as their medium, eliminating the gap between design and execution. Our Strategy principles: We strongly believe that: Effective organizations choose their technology platforms and ecosystem partners carefully, aligning their choices and implementation decisions with their strategic goals. Executing agile strategies demands a flexible process for planning and funding the technology investments required to implement strategies. Strategy leads technology: as strategy and technology become increasingly intertwined, strategic intent must inform technology choices. The result: more time and smarter choices that could lead to faster adaptation, bolder strategic choices, and sustainable competitive advantage. P.S: By necessity or choice, people have increasingly embraced digital interactions in all aspects of their everyday lives, whether in working remotely, online schooling, or ordering groceries. Yet our growing reliance on digital interactions has left many of us pining for more personalized human experiences - AreasCode can deploy it to simplify and accelerate smart strategy development and execution.

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