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Automate everything with Infrastructure as Code frameworks like Terraform and Pulumi.


Enhancing Your Cloud Operations with Tailored DevOps Solutions Our team specializes in constructing DevOps pipelines and infrastructure as code (IAC) solutions for your products hosted on AWS and Kubernetes, enabling your team to achieve operational excellence. We leverage top-tier Infrastructure as Code (IAC) tools like Terraform, Terragrunt, Ansible, and Pulumi to build your pipelines. To automate your DevOps and development pipelines, we employ GitOps-oriented CI/CD tools such as GitHub Actions, Atlantis, pre-commit, CircleCI, and Jenkins. In addition, we can modernize your legacy applications or establish a containerized foundation for new projects using Docker, AWS EKS/ECS/Fargate,, and Hashicorp Nomad. Our expertise extends to automating containerized application management in Kubernetes through tools like Kustomize, Helm, and ArgoCD. We can also develop production-ready, open-source Terraform modules tailored to your SaaS customers' needs. We strive to enhance your development processes and increase visibility into change management effectiveness by implementing GitOps Pull-Request automation and SlackOps. As a US-based corporation, our team of skilled engineers is located in Turkey, Spain, and the USA, ensuring global perspectives and diverse expertise for your projects.

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DevOps & Solution Architecture

Our team offers tailored DevOps solutions for AWS & Kubernetes, using IAC tools like Terraform & Pulumi. We automate pipelines with GitOps CI/CD tools, modernize apps with containerization, and manage them via Kubernetes. Enhance development processes with GitOps automation & SlackOps.


  1. Kibana
  2. AWS Fargate
  3. Cloud Engineering
  4. CI/CD
  5. Ansible
  6. Terraform
  7. Elasticsearch
  8. Amazon Web Services
  9. Software-Defined Networking
  10. Kubernetes
  11. Agile Project Management
  12. DevOps
  13. AWS CloudFormation
  14. Docker
  15. Product Management

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Jun 3, 2022

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