MESC Labs Inc.

Est. 2009, new on Upwork in 2024. Offering diverse, cost-efficient expertise at special early rate. We pursue rigorous research, develop scientific software, provide consultancy, and build educational platforms in computer science, AI, & ML.


MESC Labs is dedicated to rigorous interdisciplinary research, development, consultancy, and education in computer science, specially in AI and Machine Learning. Founded in 2009, our mission is to bridge the gap between academia and industry by providing cutting-edge solutions in these fields. A few examples of the areas that we pioneer in and the projects that we delivered are: computer aided detection for cancer, image processing, data visualization methods, educational platforms with AI integration and GPT-based teaching assistance, among others. Our agency boasts a diverse range of expertise and skill levels, reflected in our varying hourly rates, extending from promising co-op students to our seasoned Chief Strategy Officer (CSO). This diversity ensures that we can assign tasks to the most suitable team member, guaranteeing efficient problem-solving for our clients while optimizing costs. Our approach is designed to align the right expertise with each project, ensuring high-quality outcomes and value for our clients.

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AI & Machine Learning

We pioneer in R&D, and connect academia with industry. We: (1) undergo a full research cycle to examine and analyze problems and relevant scientific theories. (2) produce effective solutions that are substantiated on rigorous research procedure. (3) provide consultancy, helping others in their R&D.


Interactive Data Visualization
Computer Science
Software Development
Research & Development
Scientific Computation
Federated Learning
Data Privacy
Educational Technology
Microsoft Power BI
Data Visualization
Machine Learning
Rising Talent

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Jan 5, 2024

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