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SGMsoft is a company that brought together a team of experts in Enterprise-level custom web development in PHP (Symfony, Laravel, Yii), Java (Spring) and JS (React, Angular) focusing on creating sophisticated software with complex UX/UI, proprietary business logic and extensive integrations - for both startups and established enterprises. Our MINIMAL BUDGET is $25k. We write highly-secure code in compliance with ASVS and are comfortable setting up and maintaining custom AWS infrastructure of virtually any complexity - our devops maintain infrastructure for cloud platforms with billions of $ in revenue. Our analysts/PMs in the US offer comfortable face-to-face communication to our US clients, while our in-house developers in Europe enable moderate development rates. OUR 6 KEY DIFFERENTIATORS: (1) ENTERPRISE-TIER EXPERTISE: Our software is working in government agencies and high-load payment providers with $1B+ turnover. We design and bring to life highly-secure systems that sustain load - we know our stuff. (2) WORKING FAST: delivering on targets with less code, fewer bugs and hence lower budget. (3) THINKING PROACTIVELY: no coding starts until the business goals are understood and coding tasks are specified in detail (YES, WE WRITE SPECS and keep them updated throughout the project). We make sure the system stays consistent and well thought-out, even when you come up with LOTS of changes; hence fewer bugs and less reworks. And of course, our architecture, code and documentation are compliant with latest security standards like ASVS and CJIS. (4) WE TEST AND PAY FOR ALL BUGS AFTER THAT: good specs enable good QA. Automated unit- & integration tests, as well as manual tests come standard. YOU GET A WORKING SYSTEM, ready to go, with our financial responsibility for all bugs afterwards. (5) BEST OF TWO WORLDS: WORKING HOURLY WITHIN FIXED BUDGET. Yes, you always pay lesser of two amounts: (a) fixed budget limit and (b) actual hours. Thus no overpaying typical for fixed priced projects, and no risks of over-budgeting typical for hourly contracts. OUT-OF-BUDGET EXPENSES ARE ON US. (6) WE RECOMMEND WHAT'S BEST IN YOUR CASE, even if it goes beyond our stack and working with us won't be the most efficient path for you (WE'll SAY IT STRAIGHT). As we believe, only the WIN-WIN approach is the way to build up reputation. We are also proud of our proficiency in system/process design in large projects and our extensive experience in fintech: we have designed and successfully implemented several $1M+ online/web projects in the finance industry. Our hourly rate for web development is $50/hr, while rates for US-based analysts/PMs are negotiable and project-specific. We'll be happy to offer reference calls and visits with our California customers. Please feel free to share your project details with us, so that we could provide you with an express quote and advise on next steps.

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Web Development

Enterprise-level development in PHP/Java/React. All developers are training in secure development adhering to ASVS. And our devops team can design a custom AWS infrastructure to suit the needs of every project, of any complexity.


Computer Vision
React Native
Spring Framework
Project Management
Machine Learning

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