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🥇We are a professional team of engineers capable of bringing the most daring product ideas to life. We are not just coders — we are engineers with a product vision and ownership mentality, so we treat each project as our own. Our clients are our partners, and together we are creating amazing things. 🏆 Why us: ⭐️ We are a product-oriented team with tremendous Experience in SaaS development. We are involved in each project on our own and build long-term partnerships with our clients. Your business's success is our success, too; that's why we are oriented to results. ⭐️ We are growing authentic engineering culture in our team and not focusing on too little tech stack. That allows us to work with the most effective technologies for success instead of mapping tasks to an already known stack. 📍Front-End (6+ years) ✅ React (classes, hooks), React Router, and many libraries ✅ Angular 1, Angular 2+ ✅ SSR (React/Angular) ✅ HTML5, CSS3 ✅ Bootstrap, Material UI ✅ CSS/JS animations ✅ Canvas ✅ SVG ✅ XML ✅ ChartJS and many other chart libraries 📍Back-End (5+ years) ✅ NodeJS + Loopback, Express, Koa ✅ AWS Lambda (JS, Java, C#), API Gateway, Serverless ✅ Google Firebase ✅ Google Cloud Services (Secret Manager, Stack Driver, BigQuery, Big Table, Translate) ✅ MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB ✅ Socket.IO ✅ Redis ✅ Rest API / GraphQL ✅ SendGrid / Mailchimp ✅ Passport Auth (Google, Facebook, Microsoft Azure, Twitter) ✅SSO (Okta and internal applications) ✅Integration with DocuSign, AdobeSign 📍 Testing & Infrastructure ✅ Unit testing (Karma, Jasmine, Mocha, Jest, Supertest) ✅ E2E tests (Nightwatch, Protractor, Selenium) ✅ CI/CD (GitLab, Github Actions) 📍 Experience in: ✅ Third-party API integration: Stripe, DocuSign, AdobeSign, Google Maps, Twilio, Google Recaptcha, AWS, Google Storage, Zamzar, SSO (Okta), Slack, Telegram, Pipedrive, and more. ✅ Building real-time collaboration web-app (aka Google Docs) with automerge (Conflict-Free Replicated Data Type). ✅ Building modern and fast dashboards with real-time data. ✅ Building huge enterprise applications. ✅ Building fancy landing pages. ✅ Moving from the old tech stack to the newest one (Angular 1 - React, Angular 2 - Angular 9). Clean, structured code, great attention to detail, streamlined, user-friendly interfaces, creative ideas to make every project a perfection. Feel free to contact us anytime 👾

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AI & Machine Learning

We were creating application-level AI products before it became mainstream. Our client's portfolio includes both complex products based on modern LLM models and image-generation applications based on own cost-effective infrastructure. So, AI is a focus point of our expertise.


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