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We provide Electronics Hardware and Software / Firmware development service. We delivered many solutions in the field of Internet of Things ( IoT ), Data Loggers, Home Automation and Control, Vehicle Navigation, Battery powered Wireless devices. Our technology reach in Microcontrollers, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Embedded Linux, FreeRTOS, WiFi, Bluetooth / BLE, GSM / GPRS, GPS, RFID, Wireless Communication, 6LowPan, Zigbee with experienced delivery skill help you to achieve maximum throughput. We can work with you right from outlining your need to feasibility check, design, development, prototyping, testing and manufacturing. Our Software expertise includes C / C++, Embedded C / C++, Embedded Linux, FreeRTOS, Python. We worked on many microcontrollers including ESP32, ESP8266, EFM32, STM32F4, Atmel Cortex-M(SAMX), RL78, Arduino, Linkit One, TI Tiva/Stellaris, NRF51, NRF52, AVR, AVR32, PIC, PIC32, LPC, 8051, R8C, CC1110, CC2630, MSP430 but not limited to this and open to your choice. We also worked on ESP32, ESP8266, CC3100, CC3000, RN171 WiFi Modules and Many Bluetooth Modules including HM10, HM11, BMS02, SAMB11, Bluetooth Bee. We also worked on many RF modules including RFM69, RFM70, RFM22, RFM12. We used FatFs library, LWIP library for few of the project. We interfaced many Sensors with microcontroller including Magnetic Sensor, Ultrasonic Sensor, Infrared Sensor, Touch Sensor, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Temperature Sensor, Level Sensor, Pressure Sensor, Microphone, Piezo Sensor, Mp3 Audio Playback etc. We worked on many wireless technology including WiFi, BLE / Bluetooth, RF, GSM / GPRS, GPS, 6LowPan, Zigbee. We worked with many Microcontroller peripherals including DCMI / Camera, Ethernet, DMA, USB, RTC, SPI, I2C, UART / RS232 / RS485, Data Flash, Internal EEPROM, WatchDog Timer, Random Number Generator, DAC, ADC, Timer, Comparator. We used many Networking protocol including TCP/IP, HTTP, UDP, TLS, SRTP, SIP/SDP/RTP to achieve different functionality. Electronics|Internet of Things|Raspberry Pi|Python|Arduino|Microcontroller Programming|Hardware Prototyping|PCB Design|Embedded Systems|Embedded C|Embedded Linux|Qt|Microcontroller Design|Cadence Platform|VLSI|Eagle|Circuit Design|Integrated Circuits|Electronic Design|Analog Electronics|Digital Electronics|USB Electronics|Bluetooth|RFID|Device Driver Development|FPGA|Atmel AVR|ARM|ARM Cortex-M|Robotics|Assembly Language|RTOS|Altium Designer|KiCad

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Electrical Engineering

Electronics Design, Circuit Design, PCB Design, Firmware Development, Smart Connected Product, Internet Of Things, Wireless Communication


Embedded System
Circuit Design
PCB Design
Embedded C
Internet of Things
Microcontroller Programming
Hardware Prototyping
Firmware Programming
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