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Pioneers in video & multimedia software since 2005. Developing conferences and chats, streaming, e-learning, telemedicine, video surveillance, music, Internet TV, and AR/VR platforms. WebRTC, HLS, RTMP, SIP. Kurento, Wowza, MediaSoup, LiveKit.


18 years of custom video and multimedia software development. 65-people team. 🎦Video conferences and chats 🎦E-learning platforms 🎦Video surveillance 🎦Telemedicine solutions 🎦Internet TV 🎦AR & VR apps 🎁20-hours analytics free for new products, or 🎁2-week trial for existing ones We develop for web, PWA, iOS, Android, desktop, Smart TV, and VR headsets. We don’t only develop, but plan and wireframe first. After the free 20-hours analytics you get shaped requirements, architecture and recommended technologies + time and money estimation. Message us now - we reply the same workday :) 🎁Checklist: How to choose a developer to get a top software product and not be in 70% of projects that fail❓4 points - check that the contractors: ✅ Have cool products - like yours! in portfolio. Ours: ☺ Sony Music, Virgin Records, Universal use a DJ music pool ☺ is the 1st HTML5 + WebRTC virtual classroom in the world. Bronze at Brandon Hall 2017, after SAP and Dell :) ☺ Apex Legends and Genshin Impact use for their events ☺ Super Power FX has 4.6 of 5 in AppStore with 7500 reviews and 30 clones in Google Play. This video editor adds super powers to videos ☺ Video surveillance system works with 2500 IP cameras in 650 US organizations. Those are police departments, doctor education and child advocacy centers ✅ Specialize. One can't excel at everything - so we spent 18 years on video and multimedia only. That's our passion and we know the pitfalls and nuances - so you get your app right 1st time round. Our tech stack covers: ☺ WebRTC, HLS, RTMP, SIP - to transfer videos ☺ Kurento, Wowza, MediaSoup, LiveKit and other - as media servers. ☺ Twilio and Vonage - as integrated third-party solutions ✅ Have the right processes you know in advance. Ours are: 1 - Sales managers are 1st level analysts. They clarify your needs, then give 3 results: shaped requirements, recommended technologies, and approximate estimations. 2 - Analysts clarify details and draw wireframes. They are mockups of all the pages with clickable buttons. So you can play with your app before it’s developed and make cheap changes. We estimate time and price based on wireframes. 3 - Designers draw graphic design prototypes. 4 - Team of developers, test engineers and project manager develops the product. You get 1st demo in 2 weeks. 5 - The team installs the product on your server and helps with app stores submission. We do maintenance - part-time minor improvements after launch. ✅ Estimate reasonably. We do it this way: Estimate each user story based on how much it took in the past. Lead developers split tasks into small subtasks for accuracy and go through checklists to not miss any potential problem. The CEO finalizes all the proposals. His article on estimation: Contact us now and get 20-hour analytics or a 2-week trial :)

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Web Development

Custom video & multimedia web platforms with MERN, Javascript, Typescript, PHP, React, and more. Video Conferencing, Live streaming, Video Surveillance, HIPAA-compliant Telemedicine, E-learning with whiteboards & LMS, VoD, Real-time translation, Video management software (VMS)


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