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🔥 Listen Up, Business Owners! You're NOT Just Hiring a Developer; You're Partnering with a Growth Machine! 🚀 Hey, I'm Andrew Mace, but you can call me your Business's Best Friend. Why? Because I don't just code; I architect your vision into a scalable, money-making machine. With over 15 years in the game, I've got the playbook to take your business to the next level. Let's jump on a quick 30-min call and start plotting your path to the big leagues. 📞 Don't just take my word for it, here are a few of the DOZENS of past clients I took from just an idea on paper, to multi-million dollar businesses: 🏆 (AI Enabled SMS Platform) 🏆 (E-Commerce) 🏆 (Sustainability and Corporate Governance) 🏆 (AI Content Generation) All of which are based on our ready-made tool framework that will jumpstart your idea into a market leader in record time! No other agency can claim to have something like this 🚀 Why Small and Medium Businesses(SMBs) Choose Our Agency: ✅ Authority: 35+ 5-Star Reviews and a Thought-Leader. Our clients don't just like us; they LOVE Us. ✅ Expertise: We're not just coders; we're your tech partners. We build systems that SCALE. ✅ Transparency: Weekly reports and demos. You're not just in the loop; you ARE the loop. ✅ Integrity: Your win is our win. We're in this for the long haul. ✅ Communication: We don't just listen; we UNDERSTAND your vision. ✅ Cost-Efficiency: Our pre-built ready-made tools and framework can save you up to 70% of upfront costs. More money for your next Lambo. 🚗 ✅ Reliability: We're not just a hit-and-run dev shop; we're your long-term partners. 🔥 HOLD UP! We're Not Done Yet! Let's Dive Deeper into How We're Gonna Skyrocket Your Business! 🚀 🛠 Our Expertise Isn't Just Broad; It's Laser-Focused ◾ AI Development: From Generative AI to Chat Bots that convert like crazy. ◾ Online Services: We build online platforms that are as easy to use as Netflix. Tech talk: B2B & B2C Multi-Tenant SaaS Web Development ◾ Starting Fresh: Got a new idea? We're the team that'll bring it to life. Industries We Excel In: ◾ Recruitment & HR: We make finding the right people a breeze. ◾ Healthcare: We're certified to handle sensitive health info. No worries. ◾ Real Estate: Selling or renting properties? We're your digital dream team. 🚀 Our Prebuilt Framework's Ready-Made Tools Are Your Unfair Advantage: -🧩 Modular Architecture: Add new features as easily as snapping together building blocks. -🛡️ Security: Role-based authorization, user management, and authentication. -📱 Cross-Platform: Supports Angular, React, Vue for web, Xamarin for mobile. -📊 Real-Time Dashboards: Your business pulse, live on screen. -🔄 Multi-Tenancy: Manage multiple clients like a boss. -🌐 Localization: Parlez-vous français? Your platform will. 13 languages built-in and growing. -📝 Audit Trails: For when you need to know who did what, and when. -📈 Performance Optimization: We're talking Formula 1 speeds. -☁️ Cloud Integration: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud. We play nice with everyone. -🤖 Automated Testing: Quality Checked. We test so you don't have to stress. -📞 Help & How-To: Got questions? Our guides and community have answers. -📜 Subscription Management: Manage user subscriptions, billing, and renewals effortlessly. -📊 User Analytics: Gain insights into user behavior, engagement, and usage patterns. So what does this mean for you? Our prebuilt framework's ready-made tools are designed to accelerate your project's development, reduce costs, and minimize risks. By providing instant access to essential features and key SaaS components, we empower your business with: Speed: Why crawl when you can fly? Launch faster with our ready-made tools. Security: Sleep like a baby, knowing your data's safe. Flexibility: Your business is a living thing. Our solutions grow with you. Insights: Understand your users so good, you'll think you're psychic. Cost-Efficiency: Save time, save money, and make money. It's a win-win-win. Technologies We Master: 🌟 C#, NET, Web API, MySQL, MSSQL, Angular, ChatGPT/OpenAI, LangChain, AutoGPT, Javascript, TypeScript 🌟 AI, Scalable Systems, Microservices 🌟 Cloud Services: Azure, Amazon, AWS 📞 Alright, Enough Talk. Let's Get to Work! Invite me to your project and let's turn your vision into a money-printing machine! 📞 -Andrew Mace 🚀
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  • C#
  • SaaS
  • .NET Framework
  • SQL
  • Web Application
  • Chatbot
  • Customer Portal
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Machine Learning
  • Chatbot Development