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🟢 CRM | PPC | SEO and other digital marketing solutions for B2C and B2B companies ▶️ Do you want to boost your Facebook results? ▶️ Are you stuck with finding new customers or paying subscribers? ▶️ Would you like to send out automatic email flows and get more data from your email subscribers and/or users to achieve higher profits? ▶️ Want to reach higher ROI in the next 3 to 6 months? If the answer is “YES” to any of the questions above, _hire me_ and start to work on your digital project together! Facebook ads are easy to use at first sight, but after the first results, it becomes harder to finetune the results or find new audiences. I spent the last 5 years helping companies to build their brand, reach OKRs and get more customers. I worked a lot with IT and Saas companies in different markets in Europe to create and structure more data from their users. These results boosted their income and profit as well as polish their digital product. Please see these testimonials: 📢“Balage is not only a very skilled digital marketer. I do love the strategic mindset of Balázs. He knows very deep the online marketing tools and platforms. He's always looking for new solutions and tools, he's a real digital marketing pioneer in the best sense of the word.” Andrea Kozarek 📢“Balage is a real digital marketing expert! He fulfills the perfect profile of a tech marketer! He knows all the twitches and tricks around digital integrations, automation, visualizing collected data, website building, and reaching your converting audience. Also, he's very detail-oriented, friendly, patient, and helpful.” Pavla Cervena Click the 👉 "Hire Now" 👈 button if you want to work with me on Upwork. Greets, Balage
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Get started working with Balazs quickly with these predefined projects.

Get started working with Balazs quickly with these predefined projects.

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