Clifford O.
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Embedded systems engineer

I’m proficient in the following: • Design, development, deployment and maintenance of medium to large scale IoT and Cloud solutions • Developing reliable software with standard software development models and practices such as coding to standard, requirement elicitation, waterfall, agile, UML and testing *** SKILLS *** My engineering skills include the following: 1. FIRMWARE DESIGN • Programming: C/C++, python, java • Hardware description language: VHDL, Verilog • Embedded Linux, OS and kernel programming: RTOS design and implementation • Multi-platform software design: ARM, AVR, Artix-7 FPGA family, Zynq 7000 FPGA boards. • M2M Protocol design and implementation: Lonworks, Ifsf, NDEF (rfid/nfc) • Communication interfaces: RS232, RS485, RS422, SPI, I2C, CAN, JTAG, UART, Current loop, Classic Bluetooth, BLE, Wi-Fi, NFC, RFID • Tools: eclipse, visual studio, matlab, labview, QT for C++ and python, Xilinx vivado and vitis, Modelsim • Legacy code and extensive low level programming experience: neuron c, kick c 2. HARDWARE DESIGN • Tools: Eagle CAD, Proteus • Digital and Analogue circuit design • PCB fabrication • Testing and troubleshooting: logic analyzer, oscilloscope 3. SOFTWARE ENGINEERING • Software development framework/methodology: Waterfall and Agile • UML: papyrus (eclipse), (, Yakindu state chart tool • Version control tool: GIT • Advance Data structure, algorithms, Design pattern and state machines • Blockchain and cryptography • Web and Mobile app development: html, CSS, JavaScript, Java, C#, Android studio • Project and task management tool: Trello *** EDUCATION *** PROFESSIONAL COURSES AND SPECIALIZATIONS, COURSERA • Accelerated Computer Science Fundamentals: University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign • Embedded software and hardware architecture: University of Colorado Boulder • Introduction to Embedded machine learning: Edge Impulse PROFESSIONAL COURSES AND SPECIALIZATIONS, EDX • Embedded Systems – Shape the World: Multi-Threaded Interfaces • Embedded Systems – Shape the World: Microcontroller Input/Output *** PROJECTS *** 1. AGV – AUTONOMOUS GROUND MOVING VEHICLE • A remotely controlled autonomous ground moving vehicle • Controlled with an android app via two optional wireless communication mediums, Bluetooth and WIFI • Driven by two stepper motors for precise movement and torque 2. UMV – UNMANNED MARINE/UNDERWATER VEHICLE • Was part of a research team that worked on an autonomous and intelligent marine vehicle for capturing marine and oceanographic variables offshore. • I was responsible for the CAD model and simulation of vehicle in the ocean 3. FUEL TANK MONITORING SYSTEM • Primarily monitors the products in fuel tanks and reports to a cloud server • With grid and generator power alert feature and usage statistics • Integrated HMI for retrieving inventory reports locally • With Efficient power management system 4. V ARM – VOICE CONTROLLED, 4 DOF ROBOTIC ARM • A four degrees of freedom robotic arm that receives command via a sound module and carries out actions based on the user’s pre- programmed commands 5. IoT POWERED, FUEL STATION AUTOMATION CONTROLLER • Communicates with fuel dispensers via proprietary and closed M2M protocols • Advance cryptography algorithm for secure data storage and transmission 6. FUEL DISPENSER SIMULATOR AND CONFIGURATION TOOLS • A desktop software that simulates the behavior of fuel dispensers • Communicates with controllers via proprietary communication protocols
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  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • Android Studio
  • Raspberry Pi