Gerald A.
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B2B Writer (High-Converting, AI-Assisted Human-in-the-Loop Content)

I joined Upwork back in 2012 (when it was still Elance) and over the next ten years, my meticulous research and excellent writing delivered high-converting content for dozens of B2B clients in a wide range of industries, landing me in the Premium Writers Talent Cloud and earning me Top-Rated Plus status for 5 years and counting. And then at the start of 2023, ChatGPT happened - the AI revolution had arrived. Naturally, I resisted it at first - after all, I had just built a decade-long career as an "organic" human writer. I wasn't about to taint my craft with AI-generated content, I refused to "bend the knee" to the machine. However, I soon had to put my ego aside when a SaaS client specifically asked that I use ChatGPT to write the articles they needed for their blog - and it was great! With well-crafted prompts and careful human editing, we created 5 articles a week that boosted sign-ups by over 65% month-on-month. Long story short, I have since used over a dozen AI tools (including GPT-4, SurferSEO, Bard, Surge, Writesonic, CopyAI, Copysmith, Jasper, Midjourney and DALLE-3) to generate high-converting SEO content for a handful of B2B clients including: • Ecommerce AI video generator, Maverick • Low-code enterprise automation provider, WNS-Vuram • Gamification solutions consultancy, The Octalysis Group • IT consultancy and five-time Inc. 5000 nominee, ASB Resources • Avalanche-based Blockchain-as-a-Service startup, SparqNet So if you have a content problem, I'm the exact 10x cyborg B2B writer you need - for everything from content strategy to prompt engineering to "hallucination" editing. Whatever you have on your plate, I know how to use the right AI cutlery for it. Have a seat, let's eat :-)
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