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Cloud Architect - AWS, GCP, TF, Docker,K8s,OpenShift,LLMs,Vector DBs

I'm starting to develop a "Security First" curriculum of foundational IT educational content based off of retired CTF walkthroughs. I will share a link to the GitHub repo where it lives if it keeps going as well as it's going so far. I was surprised at how powerful and valuable it has already become. I didn't intend to do this, but I've found that by researching tools, tech and concepts and documenting brief snippets of results and then continually refactoring them, it is starting to read like something in between a college text book and a technical manual. If I end up being able to monetize it, I may develop a musical notation accompaniment that can be used to skin it with whatever voice and tempo and style one might prefer to generate for it. Imagine if each commonly-used command had a distinct drum break or bass note. ASK ME ABOUT A PRIVATE GPT I can make your entire knowledge base conversational by setting up a private GPT interface/api powered by open source models running locally augmented by custom prompts. This means that your sensitive documentation can talk to you like Chat GPT but privately and without all of the hallucinations. Look into Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG). It’s a thing. I'm getting phenomenal Red Hat OpenShift experience. I use Docker all day long, increasingly with Kubernetes. I’m getting great experience with LLM stacks, including vector databases like Milvus. More than anything right now I want security experience, especially if that involves AI. Bottom line is I’m not afraid to jump in and learn and do whatever is awesome and exciting. When I get stir crazy, I document ideas. I actually like to document stuff. Check out my GitHub. - GCP, AWS (even with OpenShift) - Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes - Bash, Python, Node, Java - Ollama, Mistral, GPT - Milvus, Mongo, Postgres - Event Streaming: Apache Kafka, RabbitMQ - CI/CD: GitHub Actions, GitLab Pipelines - IaC: Terraform, CloudFormation, Helm, Ansible === FIND ME ON GITHUB - I TRY TO DEVELOP IN PUBLIC AS MUCH AS I CAN === Check out my GitHub at github.com/jaylong255 HERE ARE SOME THINGS THAT SET ME APART: - I’m not territorial over your company or your system. That’s a lot of why I found myself shifting into more of an Ops role. I like to set a strong precedent, implement guard rails in the form of automated testing and linting and deployments and enforce protocols so you can feel good about turning your developers loose on your Kanban board. I like to train teams how to support my work without me, but stay available as-needed for consultation (chill consulting, not firefighting) - I love writing. If you can put something interesting in front of me, I’ll put serious time and effort into writing about it. I’m a big fan of a conversation in a document. I like to write about software before, during and after development. I’m also really into Pull Request templates and code reviews. - I like to take things apart, put them back together and document the whole thing. Then I like to go back and explain the experience as a human. In my experience, it’s ALL valuable. I find that if I’m reasonably organized, not repeating myself and I’m staying basically focused, writing about software can be as much or more productive than hacking on it. THIS IS A BIT DATED BUT I STILL LIKE READING IT AND IT’S NOT IRRELEVANT: So here’s where I’m at… I have built a thriving technology business as a freelance developer. I have solved many challenging problems writing application code. I have also proven that my code is scalable by mastering automated elastic infrastructure in production environments. Also, learning Docker and Terraform has been a game-changer. The only way to increase my rate of innovation now is to maximize my passion for the projects for which I labor. There's been a lot happening in the emerging metaverse over the past 10 years and now there has been an official call-to-arms. I want to be a pioneer in the gaming wave that is paving the way for everyday civilians to move into the digital frontier both socially and for work as well. My experience with web infrastructure and automating elastic AWS resources over the past 5 years has equipped me with the skills I need to finally come back home to the gaming world. And this time, I'm and engineer. It's going to take a lot of freelancers and startups to build this new world and I want to help equip rising entrepreneurs with the tools and the talent they need to get a game off the ground that used to take millions of dollars worth of servers and hardware experts to break through the entry barrier. I can automate your stack and let the rest of your team focus on what they love– building awesome shit. I also love to write stories, produce beats and discuss ideas and philosophies. Anything involving art, music, and game experiences would be a massive driver of ambition and production in my labor. CyberWorld Builders, Inc. cyberworldbuilders.com
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  • DevOps Engineering
  • Terraform
  • Linux
  • Docker
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Node.js
  • Python
  • CI/CD
  • Vue.js
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Cloud Architecture

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Get started working with James quickly with these predefined projects.

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