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🏅 Google Certified Digital Marketer 🏅 SEO Certification 🏅 Google Ads Video Certification 🏅 Deep SEO & SEM knowledge Google Certified Digital Marketer with expertise in YouTube SEO, Management, and Marketing. I will help you with the following: ☛ Professionally manage your YouTube Channel, ☛ Optimize your Channel & Videos, ☛ Develop the effective Content Strategy for your Channel, ☛ do Channel Analysis and provide you with Report, ☛ and also available for Consultation regarding YouTube. What I will do here is: YOUTUBE SEO & MANAGEMENT ✔️ Channel Optimization ✔️ Video Optimization ˑˑˑˑˑˑ✔️ On-Page Optimization ˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑ✔️ Title & Tags ˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑ✔️ Description ˑˑˑˑˑˑ✔️ In Video Optimization ˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑ✔️ End Screens ˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑ✔️ iCards ˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑ✔️ Closed Captions ˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑˑ✔️ Timestamps / Chapters ✔️ Schedule Videos ✔️ Audience Engagement ˑˑˑˑˑˑ✔️ Community Tab ˑˑˑˑˑˑ✔️ Comments Reply ˑˑˑˑˑˑ✔️ Record Feedback ✔️ Create Playlists ✔️ Add Videos to Playlists ✔️ Create monthly Reports CONTENT STRATEGY ✔️ Data & Market Research --- I will do Market Research and gather data about what individuals love most in your niche and where there is a hole that you can fill. ✔️ Audience Research --- Gather data about your audience, who they are, what they like, and how to engage them. ✔️ Competitor Analysis --- What your competitors are doing and what is their strategy and what you can take from them? ✔️ Content Research --- New, trending, and less competitive content analysis. ✔️ Content Calendar --- How often do you post and what order suits you most according to your channel and niche. CHANNEL ANALYSIS REPORT ✔️ Channel and Content Analysis --- Analyze your channel & content and provide you with the report on what's need to be improved ✔️ Analytics --- Professionally read your Channel Analytics and provide you with a report on what they are saying about your channel and what steps you need to take in the future. ✔️ Issues --- Identify all your channel issues and guide you on how to resolve them. ✔️ Competitor Analysis --- Do your competitor's analysis and see what they are doing great and what we can take from them and add it into our content and learn from their mistakes & exclude things from our content that is hurting them. CHANNEL CREATION & CONSULTATION ✔️ Starting a New Channel --- Want to discuss an idea or content and see whether it will work out or not. I will provide you with a consultation for your new channel or idea. And will also help you create your new channel and also manage it for a week or 2. ✔️ Existing Channel --- Already have a YouTube channel & have multiple ideas and want to discuss which one will be great to execute first. I am here for you. I am available for any type of consultation related to YouTube. Google Certified Digital Marketer with expertise in YouTube SEO & Paid Ads. My responsibilities as Marketing Specialist are as follows: ☛ Paid Ads Management & Optimization ☛ Ad Account & Campaign Setup ☛ GTM & GA Linking ☛ YouTube SEO & Management ☛ Content Research for YouTube ☛ Professional Channel Auditing I can help you with the following: ✔️ PAID ADS MANAGEMENT ˑˑˑˑˑˑ✔️ Google, YouTube, Facebook, Microsoft ˑˑˑˑˑˑ✔️ Campaign Setup & Optimization ˑˑˑˑˑˑ✔️ Accounts Linking & Pixel Setup ˑˑˑˑˑˑ✔️ Monthly Reporting ✔️ YOUTUBE SEO & MANAGEMENT ✔️ YOUTUBE CONTENT RESEARCH & STRATEGY ✔️ YOUTUBE CHANNEL ANALYSIS & CONSULTATION I aim to work professionally as this is beneficial for both Employer & Employees. Do visit my Specialized profiles or check out my Catalog to see in detail what services I do offer. If you like to know more about my services and how it works, start an interview. I would happy to explain further. Need to hire me, send an invitation to continue with the hiring process. Thanks & Regards, Jawad M. Google Certified

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  • On-Page SEO
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  • Social Media Optimization
  • YouTube SEO
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Get started working with Jawad quickly with these predefined projects.

Get started working with Jawad quickly with these predefined projects.

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