Jonas S.
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Frontend Developer | ReactJs | StencilJS | NextJS | Design Systems

I'm a senior frontend developer with over 7 years of experience, specialising in creating exceptional user experiences. 😊 With deep knowledge of JavaScript and TypeScript, I have a strong foundation in building robust and scalable web applications using frameworks such as React, Angular, and Vue. One of my key strengths is my expertise in accessibility and design systems. 🌟 I prioritise creating inclusive and user-friendly interfaces that adhere to accessibility standards, ensuring equal access for all users. Additionally, I excel at developing and implementing design systems using tools like StencilJS, CSS-in-JS libraries, and component-based architectures. Having worked in both large and small organisations, I am well-versed in adapting to different team sizes and project scopes. 👥 I am familiar with agile methodologies and thrive in fast-paced, collaborative environments. My experience includes working closely with cross-functional teams to deliver high-quality software solutions. In terms of infrastructure, I am proficient in leveraging cloud technologies, particularly AWS, to enhance application scalability and performance. ☁️ I have expertise in setting up and managing pipelines using Git actions and workflows, ensuring smooth deployments and continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) processes. I am always available for a chat and believe in open and transparent communication. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or to discuss potential projects. Let's connect and explore how we can work together to create exceptional digital experiences. 🚀

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  • Stencil
  • AWS Systems Manager
  • Web Component
  • WordPress
  • TypeScript
  • Sass