Jon V.
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Salesforce Administrator and Consultant | Business Analyst

PRIMARY TALENT: I help organizations get the most out of Salesforce by asking key questions to clarify processes and educate clients on how to best leverage the full power of the platform; providing possible solutions and explaining potential benefits and drawbacks of each solution; working collaboratively to map project phases, timelines, priorities, and business processes; executing project maps; providing ongoing communications and documentation to ensure clarity throughout the process, including full documentation in an easy-to-grasp format; and developing training resources (synchronous or asynchronous) to ensure users are confident using the system and empowered to identify additional system improvements. I am a Salesforce Administrator with several years of experience in both Classic and Lightning doing the following: business analysis; CRM implementations and migrations; data structure consulting; data cleaning, importing, and updating; object and object type customizations; automation using workflow rules and actions, processes, flows, and sites with custom domains; advanced report and dashboard design; Lightning migration; web-to-lead forms; project and business process mapping; thorough documentation; and training of users. I have extremely quick response times (typically less than 5 minutes), provide clear and regular updates throughout the project, and deliver effective solutions by educating clients about the Salesforce platform and empowering them to see where they can improve their business processes. I invest as much time as necessary doing consultations to ensure that I understand your needs and preferences for the work to be completed. I always recommend an initial call or virtual meeting that can be recorded for your use in capturing ideas and solutions we generate, or for sharing with others to see if they have additional ideas or solutions. My first consultation is always free, and you will typically have several valuable ideas by the end of that consultation, as well as questions you can use to screen other providers more effectively to find the ideal candidate for your project. As you may know, there are multiple solutions to most challenges within business and the Salesforce platform. My goal is to find the solutions that provide the greatest value to your business, least maintenance, easiest user experience, and greatest potential to remain relevant if you expand your use of Salesforce in the future. I have experience in both education and sales, which helps me improve sales processes and improve efficiency on sales teams. I find that my experience as a teacher helps me explain concepts and train users very effectively. I often do this through live virtual meetings or screen recordings that can be utilized to train Salesforce users asynchronously. There are many great providers on UpWork who can help with Salesforce projects at hourly rates well below "market" value. Many are highly proficient at executing specific requests from clients, and you can find rates so low you might even feel guilty. I base my rate primarily on my ability to help clients understand the platform's capabilities, advise on optimal solutions once I understand their business processes, and guide clients throughout the process in a manner that keeps their confidence high and provides peace of mind. I recognize that my clients are relying on the solutions I provide to affect almost every aspect of their success and impact on the world, and I take that responsibility very seriously. When a client hires me, they are definitely getting someone highly proficient at working within the Salesforce platform. However, the real value is in my ability to consult on decisions that are likely to make a significant impact on your daily operations and success indefinitely, as well as elevate your vision for what is possible within the Salesforce platform related to your business. That is not a responsibility you want to leave in the hands of the provider who simply knows how to make edits within Salesforce. I meet clients wherever they are regarding their understanding of Salesforce and the potential power of the platform. We work together so that I understand their business and can articulate how Salesforce would optimize their processes, reduce wasted time, catch errors, provide insights in real time, improve customer experiences, and help their employees experience greater job satisfaction. I think of myself as a tour guide for clients who may feel like they are in an unfamiliar foreign country. I work to reduce confusion and anxieties, provide genuine security and confidence, and ensure that your experience is positive as you make the most of the time and energy you are investing in the journey. Please contact me with questions. I am happy to spend as much time as necessary making sure that I'm a good fit for clients before we formalize a client-provider relationship on Upwork.
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