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🤖 Senior Chatbot Developer & Conversation Designer | 6+ years of experience #Chatbots #GPT4 #LLMs #Rasa #VoiceFlow #DialogFlow #Landbot #ManyChat # LangChain #OpenAI ==== Hi, my name is Lena, a Senior Chatbot Developer & Conversation Designer. I help companies build chatbots that are user-friendly and engaging. I'm a multi-disciplinary expert, I studied and did research in Linguistics and Artificial Intelligence. I have over 6 years of experience building chatbots using Rasa, VoiceFlow, DialogFlow, LandBot, and GPT-4, offering consultations on chatbot development and conversation design, and also teaching people to build chatbots themselves, giving mentoring sessions and workshops. ==== ✅ What makes me different from other freelancers: ▣ Full-cycle chatbot development services: from a business idea to production. ▣ Business-oriented approach: I think about chatbots as a tool to solve a specific problem. I try to design chatbots with your business goals in mind and the problem you are trying to help your users solve. ▣ User-centric: I believe that for any software project, including developing chatbots, it's very important to always keep users in mind. This means that I try to do user research before the beginning of the project and validate my assumptions as soon as possible on real users. ▣ Multidisciplinary: I am not just a full-stack developer. I have a background in Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence and I understand Machine Learning and the mechanisms behind how chatbots actually work. ▣ A linguist by education: My first education is in Linguistics and I understand how language works. This helps me design conversations that sound natural and are user-friendly. ▣ I value transparent and direct communication. ▣ I value your time and I value my time and I prefer to deliver results quickly rather than doing work for the sake of work. ▣ Based on the reviews, people think I'm a nice person to work with :) ==== ✅ How I can help: ▣ Getting started with your chatbot project: I can share with you my knowledge and expertise in the area of Chatbot Development, help you come up with a project plan, give you an overview of available chatbot tools that would best suit your project and will help you reach your business goals. ▣ Full-cycle chatbot development: I offer full-cycle chatbot development services, from start to finish. For chatbot development I use GPT-4, Rasa, DialogFlow, ManyChat, Landbot and VoiceFlow. For backend I use Python. For frontend I use JavaScript (TypeScript). ▣ Conversation design: I can both help you create conversation flows for your chatbot from scratch and review your existing conversation design and give you suggestions for improvement. ▣ Audit of your existing chatbot: I can give you tips both on how to improve your implementation (why your Machine Learning doesn't deliver results) as well as your conversation design (why users don't enjoy talking with your chatbot). ▣ Training sessions: If you'd like to become a better chatbot developer yourself or are looking for a mentor to improve your current skills, I can help you. ▣ Chatbot widget: I also offer help with creating custom chatbot widgets for your website. ==== ✅ Tech Stack: ▣ Programming Languages: Python, JavaScript, TypeScript ▣ Chatbots: DialogFlow, Rasa, ManyChat, GPT3, VoiceFlow, Landbot, LangChain ▣ Database: MYSQL, Postgres, MongoDB, BigQuery, LanceDB, vector databases ▣ Machine Learning: Scikit-Learn, Tensorflow ▣ NLP: NLTK, Gensim, SpaCy, FastText, word2vec, MUSE, Whisper ▣ Crawling: Scrapy, Beautiful Soup, LXML ▣ Web: Flask, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Framer ▣ Generative AI: ChatGPT, GPT-3.5, GPT-4, LLMs, LangChain ▣ Semantic search ▣ Deployment: Docker, AWS ▣ Integrations: mobile apps, web apps, Telegram, Slack, Facebook Messenger and others ==== ✅ Featured projects: ▣ Business Assistant Chatbot (GPT3, DialogFlow) ▣ Property Management Chatbot (GPT chatbot) ▣ Mental Health Chatbot (GPT chatbot) ▣ Language Learning Chatbot (Rasa) ▣ Financial Assistant Chatbot (DialogFlow) ▣ Health Coach Chatbot (DialogFlow) ▣ Chatbot-Recruiter (ManyChat) ▣ Voice Auto Attendant Chatbot (DialogFlow) For more see my portfolio below. ==== If this all sounds interesting, feel free to get in touch and we can schedule a free discovery call!

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Get started working with Elena quickly with these predefined projects.

Get started working with Elena quickly with these predefined projects.

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