China Sourcing Agent +10 years/ 1688 expert| shipment Coordinator

My Upwork Services: 🟢 Find OEM/ODM Factories: Locating suitable factories for your private labeling needs. 🟢 Negotiate Unit Price and Payment Terms: Securing advantageous deals for your financial benefit. 🟢 Product Production Follow-Up: Monitoring production to maintain adherence to lead times. 🟢 Daily Communication: Facilitating ongoing dialogue with suppliers and your international teams through platforms like WhatsApp, Skype, and WeChat. 🟢 Quality Control Arrangements: Arranging for third-party quality inspections prior to shipment for large orders. 🟢 Shipping Arrangements: Handling the logistics for DAP, DDP, LCL, and FCL shipments. 🟢 After-Service Negotiations: Addressing and resolving post-delivery issues with suppliers. My Key Sourcing Steps: 1 Supplier Comparison: I'll identify various suppliers and compare their prices to guarantee you the most cost-effective option. 2 Sample Management: I'll collect, evaluate, and send you the top samples for your consideration and approval. 3 On-Site Representation: Acting as your local representative, I'll conduct thorough audits, ensure quality standards, and foster supplier relationships. 4 Production Monitoring: Maintaining daily contact with the supplier, I'll oversee production progress, address any issues promptly, and keep deadlines on track. 5 Quality Inspection Coordination: After production completion, I'll organize a final inspection to confirm product quality. 6 Logistics Optimization: With quality inspection cleared, I'll negotiate with various forwarders to find the most advantageous shipping rates for you.


Get started working with LI quickly with these predefined projects.

Get started working with LI quickly with these predefined projects.

You will get Optimize Your Supply Chain with Expert Consulting from China

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You will get Ensure Quality Control with Sample Verification in China - Expert Services

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You will get an Expert Agent in China for Amazon Sourcing on 1688 and Alibaba

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