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Put simply, you hire me to make your company more money. I am capable of this because I've been developing, executing, and managing the marketing strategies for varying companies in different industries for nearly ten years. I'm an expert in consumer psychology, and throughout this time, my niche has narrowed into SaaS and technology startups. I started off doing small one-off jobs, like article writing and graphic designing, while going to college for a degree in marketing (level 1 of skill, I'd say). Then, I eventually evolved into taking on full project management contracts (level 2 of skill). And now, I may message a startup that piques my interest if they need a marketing strategist not for paying me directly in general, but in shares of their company with an exit strategy (level 3 of skill). I troubleshoot what you're doing wrong in any of these steps: 1. Building the audience for your brand 2. Selling to that audience 3. Continuing to build and resell to that audience over time (Customer retention) These are the questions I specialize in answering: 1. How can I make my launch have the most impact? 2. How do I improve my conversion rates? 3. How can I scale my content production and repurposing? 4. How can I increase my following? 5. How can I organize my team for the highest ROI? I have a college education in Internet marketing. But, I learned my greatest lessons from the school of Hard Knocks. I paid my way through college with my Internet marketing skills. For instance, I'm the independent author of the bestselling book: Fighting for Redemption. It reached #1 in its respective category on Amazon six times and is still a wonderful source of passive income for me. I've also won two different awards from Full Sail University. One in online campaign management. The other in global Internet marketing strategies. And I've got a long list of accomplishments for varying clients I've worked for over the past ten years. My strengths are in five areas: 1. Marketing strategy 2. Abstract business puzzle-solving 3. Copywriting for paid advertising 4. Competitor & market research 5. Team/Content management I provide expert council and/or project management to you along the way as your right-hand man. If you are the emperor of your company in the quest to conquer market share, then I am your general—your very own Sun Tzu. Your personal Zhuge Liang. I orchestrate strategies with the art of war to maximize your chances of success. I help clients solve the puzzles that they suffer from on a case-by-case scenario. Like Dr. House, I am a diagnostician of sorts that helps your business break through its barriers. If you fail, I fail. I choose to use Upwork because it features a reliable escrow to protect your money. So, relax; I'm a safe bet. My name is Michael Norton, and it would be my honor to serve you. Check out the video I've created for this profile as well.
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