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Full Stack Web Developer (JavaScript, Node, React, PHP, Laravel, WP)

I am a full stack web developer with complete responsibilities and perfect communication skills with a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics And Communication Engineering and working in both front-end and back-end projects with complete success around 6 years. I believe the world needs the people who make a nice and easy solution out of complex problem. So my delivered application is always easy to use with a simple but beautiful in look. The code I keep to deliver is always easy to understand for other developers. I have good hand with PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3 and I am also habituated with Git(Bitbucket and Github), Composer, Asana, Trello, Slack and so on. I am also good to build email template compatible with all clients. I am adaptive to grab latest and modern technologies. My expertise: PHP: I prefer to work with Singleton design pattern within the MVC Design pattern, of-course with Object Oriented style. I am very good at E-Commerce, Email configuration, Multi level authentication, Payment Gateway and API Integration etc. MySQL: Joints and relations, Normalization, ER(Entity-relationship), Regular Expressions (REGEXP), Aggregate Functions, Developed diagrams for Data Structure Entity Relationship and Data Flow, Validating accuracy of data to ensure database integrity and detected data errors and misuse, Performed capacity planning for database growth, Ensured availability and security for database in a production environment, Fine-tuned database with respect to specific behaviors, ORM(Object Relational Mapping), On-Demand Scalability, Rock-Solid Reliability and Database Load Balancing Software for MySQL. Laravel: I obey the rule of ‘Thin controller fat model’ when it comes to MVC, specially with Laravel. I am also very good with following criterias: + Real-time event broadcasting + Robust background job processing + Optimize database schema, queries, and caching + Eloquent Relations, with or without Homestead-Vagrant, + SOA (Service-oriented architecture) + Practical experience building and consuming RESTful APIs + Experience in Blade, Migration and seeding technology, writing unit and integration tests, Multi level Authentication. + Good hand with with Middleware and Middleware group + Common partials and layouts for blade view + In love with Artisan :) and astonished with Tinker. Really like some packages (e.g: Laravel-mix, Laravel Elixir, Carbon, Corcel, php Unit) and habituated all major packages. Also I have real time Experience on Codeigniter and Symphony. WordPress: Wordpress is a popular cms program, we believe that just installing a theme does not make you a web developer. Here we offer to create your wordpress website into next level of secure and w3c valid web application. Some of our expertise are given below in this particular field: + Theme Development and modification + Plugin Development + Sage theme framework + WP Multi-site Development + Child Theme with Upgraded security + custom post template, post type & taxonomies + Custom fields + WPBakery (formerly Visual Composer) custom module creation + extended woocommerce functionalities + one page SEO with schema friendly code. HTML5 & CSS3 Foundation and Bootstrap with or without SASS, Email template. Javascript Vanila || jQuery || Chart.js || AJAX || JSON ========= Why me!? --- Have the power be the Owner --- ► I will provide a Custom admin dashboard with your necessary functionalities. ► I will provide a complete easy documentation for you to handle the site by yourself. ► You will experience the fastest communication you have ever had. ► You will have your work done before the time of your desire. ► Revisions will be provided until your satisfaction. --- Perfection & Optimization --- ► 100% Pixel perfect output ► Optimized images ► Responsive for every device ► Clean code with necessary comments-well organized and well indented code ► Optimized database ► W3c valid code ► Responsiveness and Cross Browser Compatibility ► Speed optimization with Google page Insight, Pingdom and Gtmetrix ► Search Engine Optimized (SEO friendly) code using HTML5 meta tags and SEO protocols followed by schema.org ► Google AMP optimization. --- Security --- Security is one of the major concern of mine when developing anything especially in this era, we must need to be concerned with security. I will provide enough protection for most attacks like - SQLi, XSS, LFI and RFI, Brute Force, DOS/DDoS, Validation, Session Hijacking, CSRF, Directory Traversal, Log Injection, XML Injection). ► I will provide enough encryption like - md5, crypt, bcrypt, sha1, sha2, sha512 etc. ► I can keep server/brower caching ► Perfect security with real character encoding, htaccess and path/folder permission ► Wordpress security test with WPScan, Nmap NSE Script, Burp Suite, I am honest with my words and must make the delivery within the deadline. Lets work together and I promise a great experience.
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  • Laravel
  • Web Application Security
  • Next.js
  • WordPress
  • Web Crawler
  • Web Scraping

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Get started working with Rajib quickly with these predefined projects.

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