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Chief AI Strategist | Gen-AI Consultant | Fractional CTO | Product Mgr

🤖💡Chief AI Strategist | Generative AI Consultant | Fractional CTO | Tech Product Manager 👋 Welcome to my profile! I'm Salil, a seasoned Full-stack Product Manager + Innovation Architect with a passion for Generative AI technologies. Building expertise in Conversational AI since 2018, I enjoy working with brilliant entrepreneurs and fostering collaborative teams in the AI & Emerging Tech sector. I specialize in Conversational & Gen-Ai. With almost a decade as an AI Product leader, I've been lucky to be at the forefront of rapidly evolving Human-Centered AI Interfaces. I offer my expertise, which lies at the intersection of Creativity, Linguistics and AI. I excel at leveraging the power of Gen-Ai & LLMs to create custom solutions for businesses. The ability to effectively monetize and utilize AI & ML in products is one of my greatest strengths. I can be embedded within your team or work individually to create AI experiences that delight end users. As a polymath who thrives in uncertainty, I help teams visualize clear Product & Innovation Roadmaps to assist action against Strategic Priorities. I'm a storyteller who enjoys creating dynamic content, weaving engaging narratives across media platforms. My curiosity fuels my enthusiasm for technology, making me deeply committed to designing better products, brands, services and Customer Experiences (CXs). --🛰️🚀WHAT I DO🚀🛰️-- 📊 Requirements Gathering 💪 Product Strategy 🎯Roadmap Development ⌚Agile Product Management 👤User Experience/Interface (UX/UI) Design 💬 Implement Custom NLP Models 👁️ Create Computer Vision Solutions ⚙️ Automate Processes 🚁Product Launch and Marketing ⌛ Optimize AI for Marketing 📈 Performance Monitoring and Iteration 🤖 Develop Custom Multimodal AI Bots == I take a human-centered approach to designing AI interfaces, researching and defining Personas that users associate with your brand, product or service. For your users to make an emotional connection with our digital experience, it needs to have a suitable personality, whether it is an app or a Gen-AI/Conversational-AI bot. 🚀 Expertise and Achievements 🏆 Generative AI Pioneer: I've been an early adopter of Generative AI and have hands-on experience using products like ChatGPT, MidJourney, Stable Diffusion, Adobe Firefly, RunwayML,, ElevenLabs, Synthesia (Digital Human), Nvidia Omniverse, DALL-E 2, Bing Image Creator, DreamStudio, and more. Extensive Knowledge of LLMs: I'm familiar with a wide variety of LLMs, both open-source and proprietary, including TII’s Falcon LLM 7B/40B models, HuggingGPT, Vicuna/FastChat, BigCode’s StarCoder, BigScience’s BLOOM, Cerebras’ Cerebras-GPT, EleutherAI’s GPT-J, GPT-NeoX, Polyglot, and Pythia, GLM-130B, Google’s Bard, Flamingo, FLAN, and PaLM,’s h2ogpt, InternLM, Meta’s GALACTICA, LLaMA, and XGLM, Mosaic ML’s MPT, Nvidia’s NeMo, OpenLLaMA, Replit’s Code, StabilityAI’s StableLM, Transformers-based models like GPT, BERT, etc., and Diffusion-based models like Stability AI's Stable Diffusion and Meta's Voicebox. Fine-Tuned LLMs: I've worked with fine-tuned LLMs such as Baize, Koala, Segment Anything Model, Camel 🐪 5B, StableLM, h2oGPT, OpenAssistant Models, StableVicuna, FastChat-T5, MixTral MoE 8x7B, Mistral 7B, Solar 10B MoE , LLaMA V2, and more. 🎓Technical Expertise🎓 I excel in utilizing LLM-associated libraries like Langchain and ChainLit, as well as frameworks like Gradio, StreamLit, FastAPI, Vercel AI SDK, Azure OpenAI API, OpenAI GPT-3.5 & GPT-4, OpenAI Whisper, Anthropic's Claude, Cohere Generate, Cohere Coral, BabyAGI, AutoGPT, SuperAGI, FinGPT, etc. 🔧 Technical Skills 🔧 Python | JavaScript | Langchain | ChainLit | Gradio | StreamLit | FastAPI | Vercel AI SDK | Azure OpenAI API | OpenAI GPT-3.5 & GPT-4 | Open AI Whisper | Anthropic's Claude | Cohere Generate | Cohere Coral | BabyAGI | AutoGPT | SuperAGI | FinGPT | and more. What’s Next? Are you building the next tech juggernaut? Want it to represent your brand, product or service uniquely? Get in touch to see how I leverage my penchant for creating delightful digital experiences along with a deep understanding of Gen-AI/NLP systems to bring your ideas to life! 📞 Let's Collaborate! === How can I help you? 🤔 ✅ IF YOU have an idea, but you don't know how to make it work, I CAN help you brainstorm and define what you need. ✅ IF YOU already have a design in mind and want to take it from paper to reality, I CAN bring your vision to reality and optimize your design for the target demo/psychographics. ✅ IF YOU don't know how to design, I CAN collaborate with you to design an incredible experience for your users. ✅ IF YOU need to integrate/automate your application with other tools, I CAN design a Techincal Architecture & Automation strategy that will work for you as you scale. 🔎 Get a FREE consultation for projects over $5000+
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  • Emerging Tech Consultation
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Natural Language Generation
  • Bot Development
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Chatbot Flow Design
  • Google Assistant
  • Google Actions
  • Alexa for Business
  • Cloud Architecture
  • ChatGPT

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Get started working with Salil quickly with these predefined projects.

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"I hired Salil to help us build a Voice Conversational app. he was reliable, flexible, and responsive. He understood the case very well, then started to test and enhance the app. I highly recommend him"

Mohamed H. | Engineering, and Growth Manager Manager
Conversational AI Design & Testing Aug 2022