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AI Consulting, Speaking & Engineering, Upwork/OpenAI Certified Expert

One of first 18 Upwork vetted and certified OpenAI Experts, a title formally recognized and endorsed by OpenAI. Upwork certified AI Expert, in top 1% of global freelance talent, and ready to serve Enterprise-level requirements. AI Consultant and Seasoned Prompt Engineer promoting the Science of Informed Decision making through Optimization, Data Analytics AI technologies and Machine Learning algorithms with a focus on Customer Support. We are positioned as leading strategists, speakers, instructors, creators and developers within the AI space. I teach the entire suite of No-code AI courses on the Uplimit platform, a digital upskilling and learning platform with courses led by OpenAI, Microsoft, Meta, Oracle, Netflix...just to name a few. Our courses received the highest rating and Net Promoter Score from post-course surveys of ANY course on their entire platform, including many of the courses taught by Fortune 50 tech companies. Deep understanding of artificial intelligence technologies, peer-reviewed Prompt Engineering techniques, as well as experience in developing and implementing AI-based solutions for businesses. Strong knowledge of machine learning, natural language processing, GPT3/4 large language models and conversational AI. Sixteen years of organizational leadership, financial management, and results-oriented customer service experience. Proven efficient and effective in global supply chain management; and recognized talent at attaining results in a dynamic, pressurized environment. Experienced procurement and finance manager with proven results. History of results-driven performance in strategic sourcing, operational procurement and logistics/supplier management with a focus on end customer satisfaction. Leverages machine learning, simulation, network analysis and optimization toolsets to provide data-driven solutions for the most complex supply and logistical challenges. Expert 2x published technical writer. Recognized cross-functional leader and change agent who leverages strong negotiation, persuasion, collaboration, data/statistics-driven analytical and leadership skills to make the case for change and implement business solutions that support growth, promote collaboration, optimize performance, improve processes, and lower costs. With our position as AI strategists, speakers, instructors, creators and developers within the AI space, we have a great deal of insight into business use cases for generative AI and how to leverage these incredible tools to be more productive, creative and win more business themselves. I'm the founder and Principal @ SynthMinds where my team of 20 AI/ML Engineers, marketing experts, teachers, and entrepreneurs advise clients on AI tools and their business applications or create custom ChatGPT/GPT3/GPT4 prompts and solutions which have empowered my clients to supercharge their productivity and workflow. Some examples include everything from Prompt Engineering new AI website backends, fine-tuning large language models for specific client use cases, and creating photo-realistic images in Midjourney. Over the past quarter, we’ve delivered on-time projects and solutions for clients in the financial, tax, political, compliance, quality assurance, education, aviation, marketing and legal spaces. We also provide client-tailored 1-on-1 and small group training curriculums and live/virtual coaching in Prompt Engineering and mastering ChatGPT/Midjourney for a litany of use cases. Synthminds offer these services : 1) AI Insights - consulting/research/planning--We’ll help guide you to make the best AI choices for your company with custom roadmaps, market research, and idea validation reports. 2) AI Training - coaching, training, teaching -- We’ll expand your AI literacy and provide you and your team with custom-tailored virtual training for your unique use cases and needs. 3) AI Services - We’re the best Prompt engineers working today, we’ll take care of your photorealistic AI marketing images (and soon videos), or help your setup and deploy 3rd party AI tools into your workflow. 4) AI Solutions - We’ll bring your vision to life with Custom built tools, apps, websites embeddings, and plug-ins leveraging the full-scope of possibility offered by generative AI.
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  • Data Analytics
  • Python
  • Analytical Presentation
  • ChatGPT
  • GPT-3
  • Network Analysis
  • Information Analysis
  • Technical Writing
  • Prompt Engineering
  • Midjourney AI

Get started working with William quickly with these predefined projects.

Get started working with William quickly with these predefined projects.

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