Veronika S.
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Financial Presentation Consultant | Presentation Design | Pitch Deck

📌 I am a Financial Presentation Consultant with a proven track record in delivering compelling and data-driven presentations. My expertise lies in seamlessly blending financial analysis, market research, and presentation design to produce impactful investment memos, investor presentations, and pitch decks. Here is a snapshot of my key credentials 📊: 💥Skills: ✅ Proficient in industry-standard presentation tools such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, and other relevant software, ensuring visually engaging and effective presentations. ✅ Strong analytical skills applied to financial analysis and market research, providing a solid foundation for informed decision-making. ✅ Excellent communication and collaboration skills honed through extensive experience working with consultancy teams, ensuring seamless integration of financial insights into presentations. ⭐️Technical Knowledge: ✅ Familiarity with data analysis tools and financial modeling, enabling a comprehensive understanding of complex financial data. ✅ Quick adaptability to proprietary tools or templates provided by consultancies, ensuring efficient utilization of resources and adherence to project requirements. 🚀 Professional Experience: ✅ Demonstrated experience in financial analysis, leveraging quantitative and qualitative data to derive meaningful insights. ✅ Proven track record in market research, translating market trends and dynamics into actionable strategies for clients. ✅ Previous work experience includes the creation of investment memos, investor presentations, and pitch decks, showcasing a keen understanding of client needs and expectations. ⚡️ Adaptability: ✅ Adept at adapting to new challenges, evidenced by a history of successfully navigating diverse project requirements and industries. ✅ Rapid learner with the ability to assimilate new information quickly, coupled with a commitment to continuous improvement through the application of constructive feedback. I bring a comprehensive skill set, technical proficiency, and a collaborative mindset to every project, ensuring the delivery of high-quality financial presentations that resonate with clients and stakeholders.
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  • Microsoft Excel
  • Google Sheets
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Microsoft Power BI Data Visualization
  • Microsoft Excel PowerPivot
  • Marketing Analytics