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Need a website that will make your friends envious? Or maybe just a custom logo that'll make your mom proud? I have good news— you're in the right place. Welcome to your one-stop shop for all your creative needs! From logos and graphics to website design and/or helping you fix that Midjourney masterpiece you've been working on for months... I've got you covered. Here's what my clients are saying about my work: ✅ “Love this guy.” ✅ “He is a good listener.” ✅ “Dawson is a gifted artist.” ✅ “Has a fine eye for details.” ✅ “Passionate about his craft.” ✅ “His skills are beyond strong.” ✅ “I would work with no one but him.” ✅ “His communication is second to none.” ✅ "Dawson is awesome! We will hire him again." ✅ “Patient when I needed to change something.” ✅ “Dawson delivered excellent art to our project.” ✅ “Then I met Dawson, and I knew he was the guy.” ✅ “He is responsive and a very clear communicator.” ✅ “Knows his craft, and I would work with him again.” ✅ “One more time, job well done. Thank you, Dawson.” ✅ “He captured exactly the approach we were looking for.” ✅ “Dawson is a true professional, caring, and extremely talented.” ✅ “You will definitely want to get him on your side for anything creative!” ✅ “We were thoroughly satisfied during our experience working with him.” ✅ “He worked patiently with us to develop the designs to our standards.” ✅ “Once again Dawson, thank you for helping me make my dream into reality.” ✅ “What keeps bringing us back is his communication skills and effort to help.” ✅ “He took our design curve balls with grace and gave us a great finished product.” ✅ “We highly recommend working with Dawson and hope to work with him again soon.” ✅ “He came to our first meeting with multiple ideas, gave amazing feedback, and listened intently to my wants and needs.” (See the full reviews on my website— fortheking.design) 👉🏼I work faster than a caffeinated cheetah with my custom-built desktop. 👉🏼I ask questions instead of assuming things. I might as well be a curious toddler. 👉🏼Let's be frank— you need creativity, Frank, and my creative juices are flowing. 👉🏼Whether you need swords, knights, horses, fair maidens, pirates, dragons, magic, or even a flying spaghetti monster... I've got you covered. Not only have I hoarded an arsenal of assets that would make a Hollywood studio envious, but I'm also an expert prompt engineer with access to the top leading-edge A.I. image generation software on the market such as Midjourney, Adobe Firefly, Dall-E, and Stable Diffusion, etc. as well as a working knowledge of the copywrite laws governing A.I. to make sure you actually own the rights to your commissioned projects. Let's hop on a call— I'm excited to learn about your project! Services: ➡️ Website Design ➡️ Image Compositing ➡️ Graphic Design ➡️ Logo Design ➡️ Product Design ➡️ Image Restoration ➡️ Probably the Thing You Need Help With Want more? Here's my executive summary: Dawson is a pixel-peeping, innovative, and detail-oriented Graphic Designer with over five years of experience, combining creative leadership with mastery in digital design tools, including Photoshop and the Wix Website Editor, along with a proficient command of the Adobe Creative Suite and Davinci Resolve. His swift adaptability in learning new software is based on a deep fundamental understanding of how most programs function, and an intentional emphasis on learning keyboard shortcuts early and effectively. Renowned for exceptional problem-solving skills, effective communication, and the ability to thrive in fast-paced environments, he excels in developing design strategies that enhance brand standards and engage target audiences. Not only is he known for staying updated on industry trends and leading teams to deliver exceptional visual content, his designs are characterized by their visual appeal, attention to detail, and the ability to resonate with viewers.

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  • YouTube
  • Digital Design
  • Fantasy
  • Voice Acting
  • Image Resizing
  • Social Media Imagery
  • Object Removal
  • Image Enhancement


Endorsements from past clients

"I hired Dawson to photoshop a particular tricky photo I was having trouble with. He did an amazing job in a very timely manner. I will forever be hiring him for all my photoshop needs! He is extremely professional and great to work with. "

Madison S. | Photographer
Image Editing / Background Replacement May 2022


"Dawson is a gifted artist, and has versatile skills with photoshop for many types of creative projects. He digitally designed two very different and complex custom blankets for my two children, illustrating the unique meaning of their names. He is a good listener, which was imperative for achieving the end result we wanted. He worked patiently with us to develop the designs to our standards. He worked well with my wife helping bring her vision to life, and added great technical input on how best to get the look she wanted for each part. He demonstrated great flexibility when extra or difficult changes to the design were asked for, and paid great attention to all the details that made for an excellent end result. We were thoroughly satisfied during our experience working with him."

Spencer B. | Civil/Structural Designer
Blanket Print Design May 2022


"I asked Dawson to create a custom tapestry for me. He responded quickly and went out of his way to make sure it was exactly how I wanted it. He then created it and shipped it expeditiously. Dawson is a true professional, caring, and extremely talented."

Benjamin W. | Certified Ultrarunning Coach
Wall Tapestry Design Apr 2022


"I've hired Dawson for several creative projects over the past year. His attention to detail, willingness to go the extra mile and exceptional communication skills are all areas that stand out. His expertise and creativity using photoshop are also noteworthy making the final result exactly what I was looking for on all of the projects. He listened to my input and got the projects done perfectly and on time. He is also very talented in the area of voice-over work and can do many accents providing a top-quality finished product. I would highly recommend Dawson and Scarlet Fox Design for any photoshop or voice-over project you may have. "

Jim B. | Dir. of Business Development, BlueLake Financial
Custom Wall Art Design Apr 2022


"Our Non-Profit Drama Group has used Dawson Bodenhamer’s services for several years. We have appreciated his considerable talent in photo shopping for our advertising and productions. He also does realistic voice-overs and audio characters with various accents and personalities. He is creative, reliable and willing to put in extra time and effort. We highly recommend him."

Rebecca C. | Chairman of the Board and Director
Theatre Production Apr 2020