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Full Stack Developer| Front End Development | Angular.js| Node.js

Hello, I am Pavithra. Thanks for viewing my profile. I am a passionate FULL STACK DEVELOPER with 4+ years of experience in Web and Mobile Application Development. I have strong knowledge of software development lifecycle (SDLC) and I have developed SaaS-based Applications, E-Commerce Applications, E-Learning apps, Project Management dashboards, Travel-based Apps, etc. In my 3.5 years of Journey in the domain, I have gained traction over: 📌Developing responsive Web Design UI using HTML 5, CSS, Ajax, Angular, and Bootstrap. 📌Event-driven applications using AJAX, jQuery, JavaScript, JSON. 📌Designing and deploying API specifications (Swagger). 📌Experience in SOAP Web services, Restful web services, and JSON. 📌Creating AJAX calls to exchange information with MySQL. 📌Implementing a payment system using Stripe. 📌Troubleshooting the issues affecting production, staging, and development environments. 📌Tracking and solving tickets for defects on the bug reporting tool using Jira My Technical Expertise lies in: UI - ✔️CSS, ✔️HTML, ✔️Javascript, ✔️XML, ✔️JQuery Front End- ✔️React, ✔️Express, ✔️Angular, ✔️Bootstrap, Backend - ✔️Node.js Cloud Technologies - ✔️AWS, ✔️Docker API - ✔️Restful API, ✔️GraphQL API, ✔️JSON, ✔️Swagger Database - ✔️MySQL, ✔️PostgreSQL, ✔️NoSQL, ✔️MongoDB Code Versioning - ✔️GitLab, ✔️GitHub, ✔️BitBucket Project Management - ✔️Jira, Slack If you have any of the above-mentioned requirements, please contact me. I will be available at your service. Regards,
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  • JSON
  • HTML5
  • TypeScript
  • PostgreSQL