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You are in Good Hands 🙌 If any of the descriptions below fit you, let's make a call; - Start a community related to your area. - Want to solve a problem by creating an interdisciplinary community. - Create a place around your content. - Have a Slack/Discord/Circle group that needs clear direction and meaningful engagement. - Start a web3 community with real utilities and meaningful purposes. " I believe we need more independent communities to create positive change in the systems we live. This is where I get my motivation when building communities." Together, we can be successful with; - Keeping in mind that this is not a sprint but a marathon. Building communities needs consistency. - Knowing that community is not a marketing tool but the core of the business. - Starting small and growing with the human phase. - Focusing on creating value for people, not unpurposeful engagement. When we start working together, these are the steps we are going to follow; 🤔 Community Discovery ~ 1-2 Weeks * Clarifying the intentions for building the community * Defining our potential members * Understanding our people with interviews, research, and surveys * Mapping the ecosystem for potential partnerships and positioning * Deciding the mission of the community * Creating a Minimum Viable Community strategy with key routines, rituals, and ownership and incentivization models. 🧊 Cold Start ~ 2-3 Weeks (Based on Choice) * Community Page * Content Curation * Being Active in Two/Three Communities * 1-1 Reach out * Organizing Events * Inviting People to a Routine * Asking Partners to Spread the Word * Content Creation 🤓 Minimum Viable Community ~ 4-8 Weeks * Building the community space * Onboarding handpicked 30-50 members as founding members/pioneers * Iterating routines and rituals with community members * Facilitating conversations to see what kind of features members want and do. * Sharing ownership with members by creating different adventures for potential members. 🎉 Silent Launch ~ 4-8 Weeks * Prototyping the monetization models * Building relations for partnerships * Sending invitations with promotions * Creating a social media content calendar * Reorganizing the community, onboarding, and incentivization 🚀 Growing the Community ~ 12 - 18 Weeks * Rebranding the community * Building a landing page * Focusing on getting success stories/testimonials * Attending / Organizing events * Designing new adventures * Growing the team 😌💡🫂 Let's build a community where people feel they belong...
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