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🎓Education: Patents Law & Bachelor of Engineering **End-to-End Independent Patent Support** Your one-stop freelancer for all your patent need. Available instantly. **Patent Research, Drafting, Illustration, Filing, Prosecution, Post-filing Support** Have a ground-breaking invention? Wondering if your idea/invention is worth a patent? Need help on patent drafting & filing your extraordinary invention? You are at the right Profile. Just hit the Message button, and I'll turn up right away for a Free consultation of about 30 minutes. 💻Expertise: 🔎📊Patent Search & Analysis 📝Patent Drafting 📧Patent Filing 🔧Patent Prosecution 🗃️Patent portfolio management & docketing ✍️Patent Illustration ®️🔍Design Search ™️®️🔍 Trademark Search Hello, I'm Uma, a seasoned patent professional with expertise in patent searching, drafting, filing, illustration, prosecution, docketing, and other aspects related to patents. My experience extends to handling patent applications in the US, India, Europe, the Philippines, and various other countries. I've worked on numerous inventions spanning diverse technologies such as AI, RPA, Gen AI, mechanical, electronics, marine, food, supply chain, home appliances, and more. I take pride in having successfully secured my clients with the grant of several patents from the US, Indian, and Philippine patent offices, totaling around 25 or more. If you have any inquiries about my work, feel free to reach out, and we can connect through a call or chat room based on your preference. I prioritize meeting clients' expectations and ensuring timely fulfillment of project requirements. I am highly responsive to client communication and inquiries. I dedicate my skills entirely to achieving optimal output. My goal is to support clients in thriving within each project, considering their progress and success as integral to my own. Some of the Patents/applicationsI have drafted got granted & published: US11344781B2 - Granted US11537416B1 - Granted US11246205B1 - Granted IN201721003527 (Grant number - 333066) PH2/2019/001478 - Granted PH2/2019/000863 - Granted PH2/2018/001401 - Granted PH2/2019/001100 - Granted ----------------------------------------------------- PH2/2020/050218 - Published PH2/2019/001369 - Published PH2/2021/050653 - Published PH2/2020/050217 - Published PH2/2020/050547 - Published Skill set in other areas: Article writing, Copyrighting, Website content writing, Patent abstraction & indexing, and abstraction & indexing International Journals, e-Journals and Magazines including The New York Times, Wall Street Journals, National Review, Film Quarterly, etc. Senior Freelance Writer in Carantas Technologies Pvt, Ltd. where I'm recognized to write articles for a number of websites.
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Get started working with Uma quickly with these predefined projects.

Get started working with Uma quickly with these predefined projects.

You will get your application filed as a registered eFiler.

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You will get a Professional Patent Specification Draft for filing a Patent application

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You will get a Patentability search report

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