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I am Miguel Angel Rodriguez Perez. Please let me know the details of the project/task and invite me to an [hourly] job. I will make a time estimation for you if possible. Right now I am focusing more on frontend web development, That means anything related to frontend as [Vanilla] JS, React, Vue, ES6, ... HTML/CSS related jobs are the most easy & straightforward for me. You can ask me about anything though. -------------------------- "Are you a 100% freelancer?" Yes (still, for the last 10 years) Please; - Do not send a sudden offer directly without job invitation and/or communication before hand. - Suggesting subsequent contracts outside of Upwork -------------------------- My professional experience In short; I was a LAMP guy for many years dealing with custom PHP frameworks. Then I became a freelancer (in oDesk) doing a lot of PHP & Drupal [7] specially. I knew Ruby & RoR, Mailchimp, Bootstrap. I have been recently working with new tech as React, Vue, Supabase, Cloudflare Workers, Jekyll ... I am into video games development as a side project. + I know Frontend Development. That includes; HTML5, CSS3 (including animations), Javascript, PSD to HTML, SASS, React, VueJS... + I know Backend Development. MVC, Routing, ... Those are concepts I know very well. I have seen projects from custom PHP frameworks using Smarty templates to Ruby on Rails. I know GIT. I know how to use a database (MySQl, PostgreSQL, MONGODB, ...) ... + I am not scared of the terminal. This means; I know how to view man pages, browse files, change permissions, use VIM, change the fstab file and add another disk ... I have built automation scripts before with cron, vagrant, saltstack, ... I have built a PHP and RUBY code and actually run it in shell + I am a professional; I mostly know what I am doing. I went to college and took formal classes, discussed with other students and professors about a lot of subjects related to the career that any professional should know even if he does not have a proficiency in all those subjects. I have graduated (including a final project) and I know software development and all its phases, in concept and in practice.

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  • Template Markup
  • Vue.js
  • Sass
  • Redux
  • Back-End Development
  • Vuex