Pat B.
100% Job Success

Healthcare Consulting/Credentialing/RCM/Contracting/Finance/Marketing

Hello, My name is Pat and I’m a detail-focused Healthcare, Credentialing, Contracting and RCM and Marketing consultant with over 40 years of experience in the medical field and business environment. I have extensive billing knowledge in the follow specialties: • Psychiatry and Psychotherapy • Urgent Care • Family Practice • Internal Medicine • Acupuncture • Chiropractic Medicine • Podiatry • Orthopedics • Plastic Surgery • OB-GYN, Surgery • Sports Medicine • Surgery of all types • Physical Therapy • Radiology • Other medical specialties. I have extensive experience optimizing RCM and credentialing, contracting as well as management strategy, medical consulting and more… Simply put, if there is a way for a medical practice to become more effective for it’s patients and more profitable for (you) the owner, I’ll find it and I’ll implement it quickly and safely. It’s my mission to help as many owners as I can to build their practice so that it works as hard for them as they do for it. As every practice owner someday comes to realize, to get to the next level they’re going to need some expert help. That’s where I come in. I am very well versed in multiple practice management software programs such as: • E-Clinical Works 10e (brand new) one of the few to implement this program from inception • Athena • Advanced MD • Allscripts Professional PM and EHR • Meditouch • Ingenix Caretracker • Dr Chrono • Next Gen • Practice Fusion • Chiro Touch • Lytec • Allscripts My Way • Medical Manager • Sage Intergy • Kareo •Simple Practice and many more I am an expert level in navigating the programs. I also know Trizetto, PayerPath, Office Ally and ETT for clearing house process of claims and follow-up with their programs to make sure claims have been received by the insurance carriers. I have over 40 years’ experience in medical billing and am highly competent in the review of aging reports for patients and insurance companies. I know the appeals process, claim management and processes of medical billing that results in significant improvements in the aging of accounts receivable and higher ratios of approved fees and insurance reimbursement. I have increased revenue in my previous positions by at least 50 percent monthly. Credentialing is an integral part of a physician's practice. I have credentialed physicians, PA’s, and Nurse Practitioners for State Licensing in multiple states in the US, for government contracts, commercial insurance carriers, state run health care carriers. I am extremely knowledgeable in PECOS, NPPES, CAQH and other agencies. I have been credentialing and re-credentialing providers for the past twenty-five plus years. I am proficient in current computer office software such as Microsoft Office, and QuickBooks. I know how to leverage QuickBooks reporting to produce monthly cost analysis in PowerPoint. This has proven instrumental in helping management/owners manage their business / practice. With QuickBooks I have been responsible for A/R, A/P, filing all tax forms on time and correctly. I have worked with ADP, Paychex, and QuickBooks for the processing of payrolls of up to 150 employees for many different facilities. I have worked closely with the companies’ accountants to supply the business information for them to complete tax filings and other government requirements in a timely fashion. I am highly skilled in Excel and can navigate excel to work for the client with pivot tables. My other proficiencies are Word, Power Point, Outlook and QuickBooks. I am certified in QuickBooks. I hope that after reviewing my credentials you can see how my professional experience can help your business get to the next level and accomplish what you need. I look forward to every project and give my full effort at all times. All projects are completed thoroughly and within the time lines given. If you'd like me to take a look at a project then just send me a message and we'll arrange a call. (Please be aware, my lead times can vary based on demand). Let's connect. Send me a message. Pat P.S. My job score has been affected by clients who failed to provide me with the amount of time and resources I required in order to complete the task to the best of my ability.


  • Organizational Design & Effectiveness
  • Management Consulting
  • Company Policy
  • Compliance Consultation
  • Medical Procedure Coding