Dan  F.

IOS/Android App Marketing | User Acquisition | Influencer | Production

Hey! My name is Dan! And I'm here to help you with User acquisition for your product, Creative production, and Influencer marketing! I have a lot of experience in these areas! I worked as a media buyer and designer for a long time! That is why I know all the intricacies of working in this area. I'm ready to devote my experience to your business. ✅ 7+ years and 500,000+ installations per day, successful cases with world leaders, including Alibaba Group, Joom, Tencent, Indeed, My.com, and Efun. ✅ 98% Job Success. ✅ 500+ Projects done successfully. ✅ I promote apps, games, and websites worldwide. ✅ App Marketing and Advertising on iOS and Android Play Store ✅ Facebook, Instagram, TikTok App Ads, Unity, Snapchat, Twitter etc. Please see below what different kinds of strategies and services, I can help you with. *User Acquisition I develop hundreds of creatives and launch hundreds of advertising campaigns. I work only with trusted traffic sources such as Meta, Google, TikTok, Unity, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. I am attracting 500,000+ users a day for international clients. My partners are 98% protected from fraud. *Comprehensive Promotion Are you planning to enter new markets but don’t have the team to implement such a complicated task? I have what it takes to do everything necessary to promote your mobile app, starting with ASO and finishing with a top-ranking app. *Influencer Marketing I promote mobile apps and websites through opinion leaders on such platforms as Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitch, TikTok, and Twitter. I cooperate using the fixed model with 10,000+ influencers from the USA, China, and Europe with an audience of over 500 million followers. *Mobile Retargeting Increase the number of target actions, engagement of users, and profit of your mobile app by showing ads to those who have already installed it, but have stopped using it for some reason. *Video Advertising & Production With video, conversion rates are twice as high as from static advertising. The average CR from our videos is more than 30%, and it is better remembered by users. Once you have me, you won’t have to worry about production – I develop the framework and design, and I film and assemble over 10 original clips per day. Set a quick call to meet each other and discuss everything!
Work history


  • Facebook Ad Campaign
  • Snapchat Ads Manager
  • Promotion
  • Instagram Ad Campaign
  • TikTok Marketing
  • Full Production
  • TikTok Ad
  • Video Editing & Production
  • Mobile App Strategy


Endorsements from past clients

"Dan was hired by us to assist with gaining users for our dfndr security Android app. To maintain a particular CAC, we're constantly searching for fresh and creative ways to attract users at the lowest possible cost. Dan was a breeze to work with and had a clear understanding of the project's parameters. He exceeded our expectations for results while still staying inside our budgetary constraints. He targeted users who matched our profile using his expertise. Dan also contributed to exceeding expectations by utilizing his talents to leverage creatives and produce one of the top CTRs and CVRs."

Arpit P. | Head of User Acquisition
User Acquisition Dec 2022


"We collaborate with Mobihunter to help with user acquisition campaigns for our mobile game. From the beginning, they have been laser-focused on the KPIs. The overall progress of meeting our expectations took no longer than 2 weeks to do so. We are very satisfied with the overall delivery of the traffic and the quality. The team we're working with is very responsive and pays close attention to our needs and requirements. They quickly adapt to last-minute changes. They have a wide knowledge of various channels and experts who know how to navigate through these channels to achieve the overall goals and objectives."

Valerii M. | Founder & Owner
User Acquisition Dec 2022


"User Acquisition Campaign for Gaming Company I'm the CEO of a mobile gaming company. Our mobile game studio develops casual games and places a focus on publishing. All the tests we ran produced excellent results. Mobihunter helped us achieve our key performance indicators. The quality and volume of traffic we now experience have met our requirements. The team’s manager was always in touch and was highly responsible. Everything was delivered on time and as promised. We’re still working with their team. Mobihunter has demonstrated professionalism and delivered incredible results. We like their communication and approach. They provide the best customer service we have ever received."

Olena K. | CEO
User Acquisition for mobile games Dec 2022