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GET A FREE AWS Well Architect Review. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Rarely have I worked with someone as skilled and thorough as Carlos is. Setting up my team on git, configuring our AWS servers to be safe, scalable, and fast, working with my developers to optimize code, being a good person". James Rector, UPWORK With 90+ 5-star projects, I'm one of highest-rated and highest-earning AWS freelancer on UPWORK. I have been helping SaaS businesses to build scalable, secure, highly available and high-performing environments on AWS following DevOps best practices. Here is what I can help you with: ✅ . Review of your AWS current architecture performance, security and costs ✅ . Architecture of new AWS infrastructure and Data Pipelines ✅ . Migrations to AWS, AWS Cost Reduction, Database Optimisations, ✅ . Managed Services SLA Problems that I solve: ⚡️. Performance At Scale: I build and deploy industry-tested and proven infrastructure code that ensures your application runs and performs fast without compromising security. ⚡️. Cost Optimisation: My infrastructure architecture enables the efficient use of resources and can help you save up to 90% in your AWS costs ⚡️. Security & Compliance: I can help you Scale and innovate quicker while building a solid foundation that will help you maintain a secure, compliant environment. ⚡️. Training & DevOps. I can help you increase your team's technology adoption while automating your DevOps processes. Technologies that I adopt and I'm an expert at: ➡️. AWS services such as s EC2, ECS, EKS (Kubernetes), S3, RDS, Step Functions, Lambda, AWS Gateway API, DynamoDB, Beanstalk, Elasticache, SNS, SES, IAM, ControlTower, WAF, Shield, Cloudformation, Cloudfront, CloudWatch, VPC, Route 53, Certificate Manager and others. ➡️. Supporting services such as CDK, Terraform, Rancher, ISTIO, Prometheus, Grafana, Teleport, Papertrail, Graylog, New Relic, Dynatrace, DataDog, Kafka, NEO4J and ➡️. Strong CI/CD DevOps engineering using GitHub/BitBucket Pipelines, CircleCI, ARGOCD. Industries: — FinTech — Media — Ecomm — and more! ----- Here are some of the case studies of the clients I have helped with: 1. MONETRACK - Deploying a client stack in minutes on AWS instead of weeks Industry: Finance Problem: An unreliable process that caused constant frustration and delays. Process: Each deployment would take days to weeks to be set up, requiring between 5-6 people. Results: They now deploy a client stack in minutes instead of weeks using AWS EKS and a customised CI/CD process. In addition, I have: · Improved deployment time from weeks to minutes. · 80% reduction in costs per deployment. · Secure alignment with their client's compliance requirements. 2. Tourism Media - Great flexibility, deploying applications faster and secure on AWS Industry: Media Problem: With no CI/CD integration across all deploys, the job to integrate each stack was inconsistent and pruned to errors. Process: Deployment was not consistent across the board; they were also not resource-friendly Result: They can now push out a consistent deployment process across the company while being quickly adopted by their teams. In addition, I also have: · Improved deployment time by 60% · 70% costs reduction in EC2 instances · Greater scalability and reliability than their Legacy infrastructure. 3. Value-Ad - Scale 10X more on AWS with great stability and without the extra cost. Industry: Finance Problem: An infrastructure that could not scale securely and effectively was harming their client base. Solution: Deploy a new AWS EKS (Kubernetes) environment that is scalable, highly available, secure (PCI-DSS compliant) and cost optimised using AWS Well Architect Framework best practices. Result: They can now handle 10X more requests with excellent stability and without extra cost than their legacy infrastructure. In addition, I have added: · Greater scalability and reliability · Deployments are simplified and done in minutes instead of hours · 32% cheaper than its previous infrastructure ----- Now a bit of myself: I'm a passionate professional with 25 years of experience in enabling business strategies through the practical application of technology architecture principles, practices, and tools. User-centric and solution-oriented, I have managed projects and teams across Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Brazil, the UK, Ukraine, Singapore, Vietnam and India over the past 14 years. A problem-solver in a broad range of technology stacks covering Architecture, Development, Integration, Data, Infrastructure, and Support. Seamless configuration and migration include fast deployment of critical and complex workloads on the cloud with hands-on expertise in AWS Services. I take pride in my relentless passion and drive to deliver effective and sustainable results. I always wanted to create a company that empowers our clients with everything they need to drive innovation. Send me a message. I would love to discuss your project.
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  • Terraform
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Rancher
  • Linux System Administration
  • AWS Server Migration
  • Serverless Computing
  • Amazon DynamoDB
  • AWS CloudFront
  • Amazon Virtual Private Cloud

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Get started working with Carlos Rafael quickly with these predefined projects.

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